By Anthony Dylan Anak Frankie Jurem 

The 1st of April is typically well regarded as a day where others would try to make a fool of you or even themselves. So, it is best to be wary of practical jokes and hoaxes. I am pretty sure that many of us here would think that jokers would come out in full force on this day. 

In my school days, this is one day where we should be extra observant of our surroundings. Friends may turn into foes whilst foes may turn into friends. There was also no guarantee that the status quo would remain as long as the day had not ended. Those carefree days and spirited days no longer exist. 

It is with deep regret that things are not funny anymore. People seem to get hyped up and get overzealous at the slightest of issues. It is sad to note that we have evolved into a society of fault finding instead of a solution creator. This I blame on politicians. 

I dare call out politicians of the day, hypocrites. At one time you needed our people to provide the much-needed support. You claim that your leadership would provide much-needed support and expediency. When in power or in a position better than before, much has been forgotten. Instead, we are fed with endless excuses. 

We have so much to improve upon but yet, the speed is to be questionable. We just cannot wait anymore. We are like fools today. The general sentiment is not positive. The feelings on the ground are shifting like night and day. Yet we are still asked to fill up endless surveys and forms so we can be better assisted. I wonder what the purpose is then of the many existing Government agencies of which hold so much of our information. They would surely be able to coordinate valuable information from these. I wonder about the need for an additional one. 

We need the focus returned onto the improvement of the Malaysian economy and this should also include the eradication of poverty. A country needs a stronger domestic focus than one which focuses too much on foreign affairs. It was good to know that we have had some break throughs in getting more foreign direct investments but then again, how many are also leaving Malaysia? 

This is a question that needs to be to be answered by our representatives. We cannot just take the leaving of foreign investments towards our neighboring countries lightly. Why did they leave? This is the same question we should ask with regards to the improvement of our airport offerings to airlines. Was there enough to compel airlines to make KLIA a real hub within the region against the likes of Changi and Bangkok? 

We need to fix our Malaysia first domestically. We have seen the rather grey idea of the new SST taking it up to 8% from the existing 6%. Our GST remains at zero % as of now. The steps to take the 2% hike were done in the reason that such an act would target those who could afford it. The benefits could then be channeled to those in need. The real question needing attention after this would be that if this were so, would it have meant that being honestly profitable be also targeted? Are those needing subsidies really needing subsidies? I wonder if the Government dares to remove the fuel subsidy and make the fuel prices float at the pumps. 

Elections have become an act of placing old sauces into new bottles. Luckily at most of these elections since 2008, we have seen some good characters who truly did what was right at one point or the other. Otherwise, how would we have a great Immigration passport application process and JPJ processing done? These are good examples of using technology. How would Sarawak now be able to slowly get back what was due in the Malaysia Agreement 1963? Sometimes it had to take a mathematical brain to make numbers work. Some would always say they have the numbers and failed. 

We are now nearing the mid-term of Governance and we still yearn for more progress. There is no more Covid-19 to make excuses. What we have now is a clear road ahead to make changes for which we have voted. We must be careful and sensitive with the use of religion and race in this country. It is for everyone’s good. It is important also to note that we need level-headed leaders and politicians too. We cannot afford to have those in power wanting to thread on the glass roof to make a spectacle. 

I used to tell people that Subang Jaya is a beautiful place as we have the most number of LRT stations, the most number of hypermarkets, the most number of Grade A shopping centers and of course, education facilities. I used to tell people that Subang Jaya has a green plan. We would have pedestrian-friendly facilities and well-connected last miles. We have a friendly place. Today, I am not sure anymore. We still have only one fire station. We do not have a public hospital. We have not been improving our public facilities. At least, we have stood united so far with a diverse population in this part of Subang Jaya. 

It is so important that we recognize the jokers amongst us who aim at making fools of us and themselves. We need to protect our community from corrupted mindsets feeding into extremist actions. Kita semua anak Malaysia and it is best we remember that. When in the pandemic we showed a force of unity regardless of status, we are now getting dangerously complacent. It is in our hands. Our own doings. It is our effort that is needed to put things right respectfully. 

With this I would like to wish all my Christian readers, a Happy Easter and my Muslim readers. A Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri in advance.