Subang Jaya has moved into Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan along with the rest of Selangor. Inter-district travel has been re-established, allowing those who have been fully vaccinated to travel between Selangor-Putrajaya-Kuala Lumpur. Under Phase 3 of the NRP, dining in has been allowed for those who have been fully vaccinated among many other leeways.

If all goes well these few weeks, the government is expected to lift inter-state travel (once 90% vaccination has been achieved).

SJECHO posed a few direct questions to community leaders and also residents to shed some light on how the changes over the last month has made or not made any changes to their daily lives. All 34 who responded have informed us that they are fully vaccinated.


KAWASAN Rukun Tetangga USJ6 chairman Lee Yap Juan tells us that he has started travelling for work and personal matters. He has been to Klang, Selayang and Kajang since inter-district travel was allowed.

“I have also started dining out. For me, the restaurant must adhere to all the SOPs set by the authorities before I decide to patronize their place.”

“I am also planning to travel for work and leisure when inter-state travel is allowed,” he said.

Juan said those who had yet to be vaccinated should do so to make Subang Jaya safe for everyone.

For Capt Wan Hock Leong of Bandar Sunway, keeping his movements on a tight rein is his priority with only short excursions to the bank although travel within the district has been eased.

He has also not started dining-in at restaurants or food outlets as he considers himself to be in the high-risk group and feels that the number of Covid-19 positive cases is still high.

“There’s a fear of the Delta variant. I am also not planning to go anywhere as the number of Covid-19 cases in other States is still something to worry about.”

“Please get vaccinated if you haven’t. It reduces the severity of the infection. Please travel only when necessary. If you are dining out, please avoid crowded restaurants,” he said.

ANNE Wong from USJ17 has no immediate plans to either dine-out or travel outstation once inter-state movement is allowed.

“I’ve only been to Kuala Lumpur.”

“I don’t feel safe unmasking in a restaurant. Many people don’t wear their mask while waiting for their food or when they are not eating or drinking,” she said those who decide to travel or dine-out should adhere to all SOPs stipulated to keep safe.

For 74-year-old Tai Lung Aik from USJ6, the furthest he has been from his home is to Sunway Pyramid. He has also not started to dine-out.

“When you dine outside, you have to remove your mask and risk inhaling the air borne virus particles.”

“I am in the high risk group with comorbidities and as such I am not planning to travel when the government allows inter-state movement. However, I think a resort with open spaces would be ideal for a break,” he said.

Loo Wen Hoi from Subang Jaya is not taking any chances to dine-out as he feels it is still unsafe to do so. He has been making trips to Kuala Lumpur and plans to head somewhere for a break when inter-state lines are reopened.

“I would choose a place that’s in the outskirts and away from the crowd for a break,” he said.

SS17 resident Teh Eng Hock has started dining out and moving about. He believes open air dining is generally safer than indoor dining.

“I am planning to head up to Penang to offer prayers to my late grandmother who passed away recently.”

“Vaccination is not fool proof but it’s better to have some protection than none. If you are travelling or dining out, be honest. If you feel slightly under the weather, just stay home. It’s not just about catching the virus, but we must also be civic conscious to not spread it,” he added.

USJ3 resident Tan Yeng Yap is not planning to dine-out or travel outstation as he feels it is still unsafe.

“I am going to wait and see until next year before doing it, “he said.

For SS15 resident Rina Ho, travelling inter-district or inter-state is fine as her involvement in NGOs requires her to travel a little bit. But dining out is still not in the books for her.

“There is a higher risk when dining out especially if seating capacity is not reduced and tables are not spaced 6 feet apart. Airborne transmission can occur too,” she said.

Suresh Kumar from SS19 plans to head to Langkawi for some work and leisure time when inter-state travel is allowed.

“I have started dining out and I plan to travel when the time comes.”

“Vaccination is your choice. If you are not vaccinated, stay safe at home as you don’t get seriously infected or infect others,” he said.

“I am planning to head to Penang and Johor Bahru to visit my brother and sister whom I’ve not met since Chinese New Year in 2020,” Har Ying Geong who is the chairman for Kawasan Rukun Tetangga USJ2 said.

Har has not started dining out as he fears bringing home the virus to his teenage daughter who has yet to be vaccinated. He has this to share, “Get vaccinated. Don’t be part of the statistic. Get a swab test done before you travel and strictly follow SOPs while avoiding crowded places.”

Paul Gan from USJ11 has decided that dining out and travelling inter-state is good so long as those doing so abide by the SOPs closely.

“I have started dining out. The key criteria – the place is not crowded (if it is, we will just go somewhere else), outdoor dining (if possible), staff have been vaccinated.”

“I am planning to head back to my hometown Penang when the time comes,” he said, adding that those who had yet to get themselves vaccinated should do so as it does safe lives – not only your own, but those of your loved ones too.

From the quick questions that we posed, almost 65% of the respondents have done some travelling outside of Subang Jaya either for work or personal matters since inter-district was allowed.

Almost 65% of the respondents have indicated that they have not dined out as they felt it was still unsafe to do so. However, almost 60% of the respondents have indicated that they plan to travel for work or leisure when inter-state lines are reopened.