Are We Responsible Collectively to Stop the 3rd Wave of Covid-19?

Since March 18 2020, Malaysians have been under the Movement Control Order, Controlled MCO and now Recovery MCO. We’ve all travelled along this unchartered territory together as we fight the spread of the pandemic.

As fear of the third wave mounts with the number of cases going up again, many in the community have voiced their concerns about the imminent danger and its rippling effects on the community. Here are some viewpoints from the community.


People are very complacent and in a relaxed mood. I went to a shopping mall recently and saw people not wearing masks or not wearing them properly. Some were bringing their small children who were not wearing masks and running all over! Generally, I saw social distancing but in restaurants, it was another matter. I follow the SOP and avoid going out unnecessarily. I would support reverting to stricter RMCO.


People are not observing the SOPs and social distancing as they had during the MCO and CMCO. They are more relaxed now. Some don’t even wear the mask properly. We are likely to face the 3rd wave if we do not reduce social gatherings. There is an urgent need to follow the Ministry of Health SOPs and wear a mask whenever we go to crowded places.


Looks like some people are getting complacent. This is especially so with the young college students. They care not about social distancing. Perhaps they think that they are young and Covid-19 won’t get to them. As a senior citizen I stay home. My wife who still works nearby makes it a point to bath every time she comes home.


Although there is a slow increase in the number of cases, I am sure there will be a second, third and fourth wave but we must keep theses outbreaks to the bare minimum. I have observed that people are not observing the SOPs as diligently as compared to during the MCO and CMCO. Some are not wearing their face masks and didn’t practise social distancing. I minimise my outings and have started ordering food and groceries online and use delivery services to send things to other places. I am even having my Mandarin classes via Zoom.


I have the suspicion that the 3rd wave has started already. We have relaxed the conditions of the movement order too early especially in areas such as restaurants, crossing district/state borders, allowing large gatherings, etc. People are not adhering to the SOPs. One has only to go to public spaces such as restaurants to see this kind of irresponsible behaviour. The other day I saw a small bunch of fellows who were smoking in a restaurant! A peculiar behaviour I noticed is the very lax adherence to the SOPs by the very people who need to lead by example, e.g. the police, members of the local council, leaders of residents’ groups, etc! The owners of many premises such as sundry shops, etc don’t put in much effort to ensure that those walking into the shops have recorded their names and contact numbers, taken their temperatures and are only allowed in when there is space in the shop.


I feel the spike in cases is caused by the government’s inability to check on inbound travelers to Malaysia. This is also made worse by the fact that people are too relaxed when practicising the SOPs. For me I try live a healthier lifestyle, boost my immune system and go out only with a purpose.


We are indeed facing a 3rd wave because many are not observing the SOPs especially in eateries. We should reduce our outings and remain at home if there’s nothing urgent to attend to outside. It is important that we keep sanitizing our hands and wear a mask when we need to go out.


Looking at the present statistics of cases, returning Malaysians from overseas failing to take their second Covid-19 tests and not adhering to self-quarantine, I am not surprised if we are in the third wave already. I feel people in urban areas are adhering to the SOPs more than those living in rural areas. Discipline is lacking in adhering to the SOPs. We need to continue to practice better hygiene at home or in public. We should wash our hands regularly, wear a face mask in public and crowded areas and keep a safe physical distance from the next person.


I think we are in the 3rd wave with the figures having doubled in the past week. People have become lax in their SOPs; many are not wearing face masks when in crowded areas and some shops are no longer insisting that their patrons record their names and temperatures.


It’s not a good sign when figures go up and people continue to be complacent about SOPs. As I am in the high risk group, I try as much as possible not to go to crowded places and always wear a mask and carry a sanitizer wherever I go. And always wash my hands wherever possible. Owners of public places should also take the responsibility to not allow overcrowding.