Barbering on Wheels

MEET Joseph Benjamin Stewart, Subang Jaya’s latest sensation. He is now officially Subang Jaya’s “Mobile Barber”, kicking off his new venture offering barbering services for men at the convenience of their homes or workplace.

Joseph, affectionately known to many as JoBen, is no stranger to Subang Jaya. He spent the last few years serving the constituency from the ADUN Subang Jaya’s office.

For JoBen, this is a dream come true. He has been harbouring his desire to step out of the box and provide barbering services for a long time but didn’t find the window of opportunity until just half a year ago.

“I wanted more flexibility in my work hours. I was previously in the creative industry. I wanted to go back to my roots – getting creative and at the same time earning my bread and butter.”

“I invested in a barbering course and I have been cutting hair in a studio over the last few months. It was definitely a good hands on experience for me,” he said.

JoBen started offering house calls for his barbering services in December and the response has been overwhelming according to him.

“My regular customers responded to my new venture and I’ve had new customers calling up to engage my services.”

“I can do cuts for men, young primary school students and teenagers. Apart from the standard cuts, I can also do taper cut, French crop, side fades or burst fades,” he said, adding that all barbering equipment are sanitized before the next haircut.

According to JoBen, barbering was his way of meeting new people requiring his services and on top of this he considers it less stressful a career.

“At the end of the day, I plan to open a hair salon in the future. I want my place to be where others can come and learn as well. But for now, if you need a haircut, just call or whatsapp me,” he said.

JoBen is now only charging RM15 for a haircut at your place. This promotion applies to Subang Jaya residents only.

Give him a buzz at 011-6944 0719 to make your appointment.