Buddhists Get Rare Chance to Offer Alms to Monks on the Streets

BUDDHISTS in Subang Jaya had a rare chance of offering alms to monks and nuns on the streets last month.

The walkabout which is known as Pindapata was organised by the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association and Ariya Vihara Buddhist Society. Pindapata is the practice of collecting alms food, observed by Theravada Buddhist monks and nuns who have gone forth from “home-life” to “homelessness”.

In Buddhist countries like Thailand and Myanmar, it is a daily ritual for monks and nuns to go on Pindapata.

During the walkabout in SS14 Subang Jaya, Buddhists took up their positions along the route waiting their turn to offer alms in the form of food, toiletries, supplements, medicine and other items to the monks, nuns and novice nuns who participated in the program.

The two-hour affair saw many people from all walks of life and ages stepping forward to make their offerings.

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