DENGUE ALERT: Mosquito Larvae Found Breeding in Discarded Pails and Unused Pots

SUBANG JAYA, FEB 14 2024: Join the fight against Dengue! Throw away unwanted containers in your compound (or those in your back lane) to stop breeding of mosquitoes in your surroundings.

That’s the advise from the Petaling health department after discovering several mosquito breeding spots in USJ20 this morning when officers went on a search and destroy walkabout in the neighbourhood.

Officers who were accompanied by volunteers from the Petaling Combi team found mosquito larvae thriving on the cover of a discarded paint pail and also on the “wings” of planter pots.

Both locations were in the back lane of homes between USJ20/5 and USJ20/6C. The authorities were not amused as dengue cases in the area had reach 19, affecting whole families in the area.

Dengue Cases at Zone 3 as till 12th Febuary 2024

  • USJ 9/1 – USJ 9/3J – 2 cases
  • ⁠USJ 10 – 2 cases
  • ⁠USJ 11/3 – 6 cases
  • ⁠USJ 11/4 – 3 cases
  • ⁠USJ 12/3 – 2 cases
  • ⁠USJ 15 GYC 10A – 10 cases
  • ⁠USJ 15 GYC 10B – 3 cases
  • ⁠USJ 19 Rhythm Avenue – 16 cases
  • ⁠USJ 19 Starville – 2 cases
  • ⁠USJ 19 City Mall – 4 cases
  • ⁠USJ 20/5 – USJ 20/6 – 19 cases
  • ⁠USJ 22 – 2 cases

Specimens have been taken for laboratory tests to determine if the larvae were Aedes mosquitoes. A RM500 compound would be issued under the Destruction of Disease-Bearing Insects Act 1975 (Section 25) if Aedes mosquito larvae were found within building premises.

Authorities urged residents to spend 10 minutes a week to check their homes, compound and surroundings for mosquito breeding spots to avoid getting dengue.