“Drawing Blood” to Save Lives

In a collaborative effort aimed at saving lives, the Leo Club of SMK Subang Utama got together with ss15 Courtyard, the National Blood Bank and MBSJ MPP1 to organise a blood donation drive on the 9th day of Chinese New Year last weekend.

The “Pints of Life” initiative, held at the shopping mall witnessed over 80 individuals stepping forward to donate blood. In total, 64 pints of blood were collected, helping to bolster the blood bank’s reserves.

Lion Oscar Chow, the Lion advisor for the Leo club, expressed gratitude for the community’s support, particularly during the ongoing Chinese New Year celebrations.

“It’s the middle of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations and we were worried not enough donors would come forward. But Subang Jaya donors didn’t disappoint the blood bank,” Chow said.

“Pints of Life” highlights the power of collaboration among school youth, private sector, civil service and the community in addressing critical healthcare needs.