THE TIGER is crouching and is ready to leap into the New Year! Are you just as ready?

In the Chinese zodiac, the tiger is an animal that symbolises strength, power and prosperity. The Year 2022 sees the Water Tiger making its presence felt. In fengshui, this means it’s a year for bold action. It takes over the driver’s seat from the Metal Ox which saw us breaking our backs to stay alive during the pandemic, working from home and worrying about our loved ones and their well-being.

I started feeling positive vibes back in December 2021. Things were slowly but surely picking up speed last month; and this has gained momentum in January 2022. The same time last year, we were working from home; public places were void of crowds and everyone stayed home for fear of dying.

The momentum is definitely different this time around. Shopping malls are registering bigger than normal crowds. Sunway Malls itself saw traffic and sales recovery to 100% in the last quarter of 2021. Restaurants and kopitiams are crowded. With the Chinese New Year festivities coming up around the corner, supermarkets, hypermarkets and wet markets are seeing higher human traffic looking for the best bargains to prepare for a grand celebration this time around.

It’s been 2 years since we last celebrated Chinese New Year. The Balik Kampung exodus is expected to be in full swing this coming holiday with everyone taking advantage of the break to go Cuti-Cuti Malaysia apart from heading back to their hometown for their reunion dinner with family.

Nevertheless, there are some who are still cautious about the trend in 2022. Many malls have cut down on their budgets to advertise or even to put up their usual Chinese New Year decorations; preferring to be cautious and prudent.

I am optimistic about 2022 and what it holds for us. Over the last 2 years, we had to trudge in dangerous waters; playing safe to stay alive. But 2022 akin to jumping on board a raft and riding the rapids. If you miss the ride, you will be left behind; but if you brave the rapids, you will have the time of your life and eventually get back up faster than ever.

Keeping optimistic is my way of staying sane. We set ourselves targets and goals; and we do our very best to attain our objectives by hook or by crook (without breaking any laws). It keeps our mind alert and sensitised to changes around us. A smile is better than a frown.

Over cups of coffees or meals with friends, one common sentiment popped up to sum up 2022 – “We are the lucky ones who survived”. I echo their sentiments and I couldn’t agree more that we should count our blessings to be given the opportunity to continue our journey in this borrowed time of ours. So let’s make hay while the Sun shines; Grab the iron while it’s hot and don’t let go.

The pandemic and subsequently the December 18 2021 floods have brought us closer as a community. Look at how we have all extended our helping hand to anyone who needed it. Look at how united we were in aiding the victims of the floods. I didn’t go far to see the love we have for one another in Subang Jaya. While volunteers helped clean up homes which were devastated by the floods; another group prepared and cooked hot meals for those who kitchen (and homes) had been turned upside down by the floods. Other groups coordinated aid and distributed them fairly to everyone who needed it.

We can take a break this Chinese New Year from all the hard work we have put in as a community. Let’s enjoy ourselves at our own reunion dinners and other dinners that will come by during the 15 days of celebration. Let us celebrate as a family with our friends and neighbours as well.

If you are heading outstation for your celebrations, do drive safe and have a good enjoyable trip. Don’t forget to sign up with the police to have your home watched over by them while you are away.