EXCLUSIVE: Subang Jaya “Son” Leaves Home for Bukit Aman

ASP Jasni Zopal has become a household name in Subang Jaya. His phone number is probably saved up in most mobile phones of residents in Subang Jaya, especially those in USJ. He is the first person people call when there are signs of trouble. His boyish smile is perhaps what draws people to him but for those who are on the wrong side of the law, he is not the person you want to come face-to-face with. Having spent almost 7 years of his career as the officer-in-charge of the USJ8 police station, Jasni has built a close rapport with his community. But all good things must come with changes, as Jasni moves on in his career ….

We caught up with Jasni to reflect on his time with us in Subang Jaya. Here’s what he has to share.

  1. How long have you served in Subang Jaya? Where else did you serve before getting posted here? What makes Subang Jaya special?

I have served in Subang Jaya for seven years. Before my stint here I served as the Platoon Commander with the General Operations Force in Sabah. Thereafter, I was transferred to Bukit Aman’s management unit before coming over to Subang Jaya as the officer-in-charge of station in USJ8. Subang Jaya has been my home for 7 years; working amongst peace loving and harmonious communities who are multi-racial. For me, Subang Jaya is a role model as a city with citizens who work hand-in-hand and tolerate one another.

  1. You clock in long hours daily at work. In fact, many believe that you hardly sleep. Is that true? What do you do in the daytime and what else do you do in the night?

A police officer’s job is very challenging. Putting in three to four hours of sleep a day or occasionally not getting a chance to have a shuteye over two days is normal. After having being a policeman for 18 years, not getting enough sleep is not a problem. During the day, I use my time to attend to administrative duties which come with the responsibility of managing a police station; including attending meetings and making sure reports are filed properly. When night falls, I switch to crime prevention mode, joining my men in patrols and special operations to deter crime. I normally head home around 4am and am back at the office by 8am.

  1. How many OCPDs have you served during your time in Subang Jaya? Can you share with us one of your best moments with any OCPD?

I have had the privilege of serving under three OCPDs. Every OCPD has his own way and method of managing a district like Subang Jaya. Each one of them has their own strengths. I hold fond memories of SAC Yahaya Ramli when he served as Subang Jaya OCPD. He was like a father to me and he constantly encouraged and motivated me to do my best. This helped me to be more confident and very spirited in carrying out my duties.

  1. You always smile when you are with the community. Is there a reason for this? What makes you think the community in Subang Jaya is special?

Yes! I always smile. A smile is my way of being friendly to people around me and I believe my smile helps brighten up the lives of people I come into contact with.

The awareness on the importance of working together in the community is what stands out to me as the special ingredient in Subang Jaya. Although residents are busy with their own lives and work, the community somehow manages to give back and care for one another. Subang Jaya is special and leads the way on how a community can work and live together in harmony.

  1. Crime was high when you first joined the USJ8 station. The crime index has dropped tremendously. How has this changed over the years? Is community involvement in crime prevention one of the reasons why the crime index has dropped?

I agree that when I first took the helm as station chief in USJ8, the crime index was quite high. I took the first step by studying and analyzing the crime trend. This was followed by coming up with a strategic crime prevention plan complimented with engaging with the community to help deter crime in their respective neighbourhoods. The first three years was tough and exhausting as it involved getting to know the community and then engaging with them.

I led many crime prevention activities with the assistance of the respective neighbourhood Rukun Tetangga voluntary patrolling scheme and Residents Associations. This included carrying out joint patrols and snap checks in neighbourhoods. The cooperation and assistance extended by communities helped in bringing crime down. This for me is the true meaning of Community Policing where the police assimilate themselves into the community. We were sure to be called for any activity carried out by the community. In Subang Jaya, the relationship between the police and community is inseparable.

  1. What will you miss in Subang Jaya when you move to your new posting? Is it the place or is it the community? Tell us.

I will miss Subang Jaya when I move on to Bukit Aman. Having spent seven years and 75% of my time in Subang Jaya makes it tough for me to move on. The communities here have become family to me. I have gotten to know many in the community personally to the extent that I know where they stay, where they work, how many children they have, and even what time they leave for work and return home. This intimacy helped me in bringing the crime index down in USJ. I watched over the community like I watch over my own family.

  1. What is your personal message to the community of Subang Jaya?

I pray and hope that this special relationship which the community shares with each other and the police will continue to be nurtured after I leave. It is my hope that the community will extend the same hospitality and friendship to my successor. God willing, if I am given the opportunity to return to serve in Subang Jaya again in the future, I will come immediately. I pray that Subang Jaya remains safe and is protected from any unforeseen circumstances.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We would like to wish Jasni all the best in his new posting in Bukit Aman. Our team has spent countless days and nights working beside him on crime prevention rounds and community engagement. One of his most recent success was the arrest of two suspects involved in the murder of a couple in USJ. It was made known to us that based on a tip-off Jasni rushed to the location where one of the suspects was hiding and arrested him. This led to more arrests and eventually the success in solving the murders.

Thank You Jasni – Polis dan Masyarakat Berpisah Tiada.