Festive Mood as Three Rukun Tetanggas Celebrate Malaysia Day in Subang Jaya

MALAYSIA Day celebrations will always be special this year. Three Rukun Tetangga groups celebrated the special day with morning activities for their residents as well as visitors from children’s homes.

Over at SS17, residents enjoyed a morning walk to commemorate the special day. The walk took them around their neighbourhood and the best part was, they could chat and catch up with their neighbours while doing so.

Crossing over to SS15 Hexagon, the group started the morning with light breakfast before embarking on a short walk around their neighbourhood while singing patriotic songs.

The SS15/2 & SS15/3 Rukun Tetangga on the other invited guests from two underprivileged homes to join in this year’s celebrations. The children and adults were treated to breakfast before participating in a flag parade around the football field.

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