Finding Har-Piness in Community Work

Har Yin Geong is the Chairman of USJ2 Rukun Tetangga. This responsibility however is by no means the epitome of his service to the community. Unknown to many, Har has gone beyond the call of duty to serve the community in his immediate neighbourhood and beyond. SJ Echo caught up with him recently to find out what drives his community spirit above and beyond what’s expected of him.

“I don’t expect a single sen for my community work. Community work for me is about touching lives and making a difference. There’s nothing more rewarding than to see the smiles on the faces of people we have reached out to help.”

That basically sums up what Har thinks and feels of his community work in Subang Jaya. Friends and family see him as a man who is passionate about organizing running and cycling events in the neighbourhood. His compatriots in the USJ2 Rukun Tetangga see him as a no nonsense leader who takes his responsibilities seriously and passionately.

Har is a quiet man by nature but behind the scenes, he puts to shame many around him. He is a man who walks the talk; and once he sets his eyes on a cause, he goes all out to ensure its success.

“What I do in the community is an extension of my passion. I don’t make money from the events I have organised for the community. For me, it’s the satisfaction of organizing the event.”

“The present task I have as the organizing chairman of the Beacon Virtual Run is an example. I like to run and thought it is good to get others to join in and at the same time raise some funds for the Subang Jaya Community Ambulance,” he said.

Har attributes his motivation to organize such events to the support and trust he gets from the community.

The icing to the cake for Har’s commitment to serve the community is what we have to share with you here. Known only to a few people, Har finally shared what he has been doing since the country went into a lockdown in March 2020.

“I received a message from MPP MBSJ Zone 4 councillor Kamarul Hisham asking me if I could help deliver food on a regular basis to an elderly USJ2 resident who lives alone. He is a stroke patient and can hardly walk much less go out to buy his own food. He lives alone.”

“Because of the lockdown, this resident’s family and friends who live outside Subang Jaya could not come over with his food. So I took it on because he was a USJ2 resident,” Har said.

Har said the elderly resident queried him on why he is helping him.

“I told him I was doing it as a personal commitment although I was the USJ2 RT chairman. I helped him over the last year to change light bulbs and other miscellaneous chores; and have on many occasions rushed over to help him whenever he falls down and is unable to get up on his own.”

“Occasionally I would go out and buy food for him. He pays for his own purchases but I help him buy it,” he said.

What people don’t know is this – Har also helps the elderly resident clean up when the latter soils his pants because the elderly man couldn’t get to the toilet in time.

“He is in his 70s and he needs help. That’s why I do it. We have become friends over the last year and we keep in touch regularly. He had his stroke almost 20 years ago but prefers to stay on his own.”

“I bought him some Sar Hor Fun recently and he was so happy. He told me he hasn’t had it for more than 10 years,” Har said, adding that he felt “rewarded” knowing that he had brought a smile back to the elderly man.

Raising funds for a good community cause is no big challenge for Har. Over the last year, he has gone out to support the many donation drives to help the needy.

“People chip in generously because they trust me and know that the money is genuinely going to the intended cause,” he added.

Har shared one last perspective at the end of the interview, “We must do it genuinely and sincerely. That makes people have faith and trust in you.”