Heartwarming Visit by Community Organizations Brings Joy to Shainthavi and Family

In a touching display of community support, members of the Lions Club of Subang Jaya and the Omega Leo Clubs of Subang Jaya Alumni and Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, paid a visit to Shainthavi’s family over the recent Christmas break.

The focus of their visit was Shainthavi a/p Nadesan, an 8-year-old who captured hearts when her story was first featured by SJ Echo in 2016 and 2018.

Shainthavi, born with Holoprosencephaly, a disorder affecting her brain development, has continued to face challenges in her daily life. Despite being unable to walk or perform typical functions, she exhibits remarkable resilience, communicating through gestures and a limited vocabulary.

During the Christmas visit, the Lions and Leos brought Shainthavi and her twin brother festive gifts. They also provided essential personal hygiene supplies, recognizing the ongoing efforts of the Nadesan family in caring for Shainthavi.

Moli, Shainthavi’s mother, expressed gratitude for the support, sharing an update on Shainthavi’s progress. “Shainthavi is doing well and enjoys her time at school. She finds joy in interacting with her friends,” Moli stated. However, she also revealed the family’s recent challenge, as Nadesan, Shainthavi’s father, is currently recovering from a heart ailment.

Life remains a struggle for the Nadesan family, with Moli dedicating most of her day to Shainthavi’s care, making it difficult for her to contribute to the family income. In light of these circumstances, the community’s continued support becomes even more crucial.

For those willing to make a difference, an avenue to contribute has been provided. Interested individuals can contact the Lions Club of Subang Jaya at 011-5991 6658.