SUBANG JAYA, AUGUST 5 2021: RESTORAN VEST INN USJ16 operator Cheng Lye Teng is not amused with the number of messages and calls he received asking him if he was still alive and well.

His predicament arose last weekend when viral messages claiming that the owner of the coffeeshop in USJ16 had died of Covid-19 complications. Messages that went circulating around caused anxiety among regular customers who frequented the coffeeshop for their meals.

“I am very much alive and kicking! Thank You!”

The Wantan/Hakka Mee stall is open

“The messages claimed that the operator of the coffeeshop who also fried Char Koay Teow had succumbed to Covid-19,” Cheng said.

He said the information was incorrect; and he considered them lies.

“My worker who makes the drinks died recently. But he hasn’t been working with me since the middle of July.”

“He was staying alone in the nearby flats. He didn’t want to get vaccinated and kept reassuring us that he was okay when we last contacted him in mid-July,” Cheng said.

The elderly victim was found dead in his room in the flat.

According to Cheng, it was irresponsible for netizens to spread fake news and cause panic.

“If it’s true, we can accept it. But in this case, it’s obviously lies.

“We are trying to survive here. Business is poor and your lies make it even tougher for us to earn a living,” he added.

Cheng said all the workers and stall owners had a minimum of one vaccination each up to this day.

The Salmon Fish Head stall is also open

“Some of us have completed our vaccination while others have had one vaccination and awaiting their final jab.”

“For the last 2 months, we’ve not allowed customers to walk into the shop. They order from outside and our workers and stall owners bring the prepared food to them,” he said.

Cheng urged netizens to verify their news first instead of blindly forwarding what they received.

“You will reap what you sow for spreading lies which affect others,” he added.

Editor’s Note: Remember that not everything you receive via text message is true. Spreading lies and fabricated news could affect those who are hard hit by the effects of the pandemic. Be kind. Try and verify the information you receive. If you are unable to do so, don’t forward it. At the click of a button, you could destroy someone’s life.

Coffeeshop and food outlet operators who have completed the vaccination process for their workers and stall owners can Whatsapp us at wa.link/exvohc to provide information for us to share with netizens.