Is This Subang Jaya?

Let’s Stop the Rot Before It’s Too Late

SELAMAT PAGI SUBANG JAYA. All was not good on the day (April 25) we drove around town to check out and verify complaints that had been shared by residents about the conditions of both commercial and residential neighbourhoods.

We used the Timestamp Camera Free App to record our findings. The App allows us to record on the photograph the date, time and location of the areas we were shooting for our Special Report. This will ensure the areas we highlight are not mistakenly perceived to be taken somewhere else.

The SJEcho team started off with the commercial lots in USJ2. It was a pleasant surprise to notice that the garbage from the eateries had been cleared. But what caught our attention were the blatantly illegal extensions that had encroached onto the back lanes. This would surely block access for the rubbish trucks and needless to say emergency services vehicles like a fire engine if there was a fire.

Next, the team moved on to SS14 and found the drains along SS14/2A clogged and filled with rubbish and stagnant water. Several eatery outlets were the worst for wear; with woks hanging on the exterior of the side-lane building. At other outlets along SS14/1A, restaurants had encroached on the five-foot way and workers were either preparing their dishes at the back or washing their wares beside the drain. One could not miss the food cover mesh which had been improvised into a food waste trap by the drain.

While driving around the shops at Taman Subang Permai in USJ1, the team discovered dirty back lanes strewn with rubbish and renovation waste. To add salt to the wound, workers at a coffeeshop were seen preparing the day’s servings under a big umbrella in the same back lane.

Satisfied with our findings where we went, the team then headed over to Taman Perindustrian 7/7 and checked out complaints of neglect. We found some of the back lanes in this industrial area blocked by rubbish as well as abandoned cars. At literally every corner we turned, we found heaps of rubbish from the industrial area – broken windscreens, car bumpers and more along the road shoulders.

This could be the epitome of the problem in Subang Jaya or it could just be the tip of the iceberg.

Questions popped up in our minds. What has happened to Subang Jaya? Why do we see such things in our City? Who is responsible to maintain the cleanliness of the city and who is responsible in enforcing the laws that govern the operations of businesses in the city?

Has Subang Jaya gone to the dogs where cleanliness and enforcement is concerned? What our team discovered shocked us.

Have you got such places you want to show and tell too?  Download the Timestamp Camera Free App and click away. Send us your photographs by Whatsapp