Keeping the Volunteerism Spirit Alive in Subang Jaya

ERIC Lim may be an unassuming figure in the community but he has made his mark as someone who hardly misses an event in Subang Jaya. An avid runner in sports events, Eric has spent most of his free time helping out in community events in Subang Jaya. Working 9 to 5 at the office has not deterred him from spending his free time in the neighbourhood helping out where he is needed. We caught up with Eric over lunch to find out what makes him tick.

1. You have spent countless hours helping out in your neighbourhood. What motivates you to do this?

I like trying out new things especially in community work. For me, volunteerism is important in the place we stay or work. I like working with the community.

2. What kind of community activity excites you? Tell us why.

I like to get my hands dirty in community work. Getting involved in the community gives me the opportunity to engage in the various activities like gotong-royong, going on search and destroy anti-dengue campaigns and even picking up dead rats in the back lanes of shop houses when we have an initiative to rid the area of rodents. I am doing all this because I realise not many are willing to jump right in to do all this “dirty” work.

3. Over the last year, you have taken on the role of recording community initiatives with your smartphone and sharing them on social media. You seem to be very good at it. Can you tell us what you see?

I have been helping in different capacities and one of it is taking photographs of the events. I have observed that when it comes to community work, not many from the Subang Jaya community area are keen to lend a hand. It’s only a handful of us who diligently participate.

4. You are helping out with JKP Zone 3 and that’s a huge area that requires you to zip from one place to another. What do you see in these areas? What can be improved?

Yes. JKP3 is a huge area to cover since it starts from USJ7 right up to USJ22 and Tanamera. With a big area comes the wide variety of issues and problems as well. We can do even better than now if we have more volunteers to help in the execution of initiatives.

5. Many individuals say that one person cannot make a difference in the community. Do you agree with this?

I agree with this. We need more people to participate to make the difference in our community and neighbourhood. It is impossible for one person to do everything alone.

6. What does your family think about your involvement in the community? Do they support it?

Initially when I joined the community, my family was a bit sceptical about my involvement. Perhaps they thought I was wasting my time but over time they have come to realise that my involvement does make a difference. They have begun to accept and support my involvement.

7. What do you see yourself doing in the next one year? Are you planning to spend more time in helping to build your community?

I plan to spend more time in community work in the next one year. I believe time well invested in the community will bear fruit sooner or later. It’s time well spent helping to make Subang Jaya a better place for everyone.

8. What is your advise to those who are thinking of doing what you are doing but are having second thoughts about it.

Don’t hesitate one second. Come join us. More hands make lighter work; and together we can make the difference. I believe Subang Jaya needs more of its residents to come out and take ownership of the issues and initiatives. We need new and young blood to help us take our efforts to greater heights.