Local Authority Setting Their Sights on Nabbing Rubbish Dumping Culprits

IF you are one of those operating a business in SS15 and you have been habitually dumping your rubbish and food waste by the back lane or into someone else’s bin at the back indiscriminately, you are being targeted.

Complains from law-abiding business operators in the area are mounting and they have kicked up a fuss with the Subang Jaya City Council about the mess that’s left behind in and around their bins placed at the back of their shop.

Rubbish cleared by MBSJ on May 13 2023

“These unscrupulous operators have been dumping their rubbish into and around our bins. We are getting the blame for the mess when MBSJ comes to check.”

“This is totally unfair. Why can’t these business owners buy their own bins and dispose their rubbish properly?” asked one business owner who constantly gets harassed by the authorities when they come checking.

He said his bin was constantly being used by a restaurant and even a telco shop to dispose of their food waste and rubbish.

Another business owner said keeping the back lanes clean was a never ending effort because of irresponsible operators who do not equip their outlets with a bin for disposal of rubbish.

As a result, he said the back lanes were an eyesore with rubbish everywhere and rodents scampering around because food was easily available from the bags of food waste left exposed on the ground.

On May 12, a business operator took some photographs to show the mess that was left behind along the back lane of SS15/8A.

This was shared with MPP Zon 1 councillor Ken Chia and by the next day, the piles of rubbish was cleared by the contractors.

Another pile of rubbish appears at the same spot today (May 15 2023)

But today (May 15), rubbish appears to have reappeared along the same back lane, strewn all over without any care and indiscriminately.

ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng said business operators are required to have a rubbish bin as stipulated in their licence.

“We want to keep Subang Jaya clean. Business operators are required by law to comply with the conditions stated in their licence.”

“We hope that they will comply, failing which they will have to face the consequences of their irresponsible behaviour,” she said.

Michelle urged members of the public to take photographs of dirty eateries and unhygienic practices to share with her at [email protected].

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