By Sarawakian

“Baru tadi saya nampak the fellow but suddenly he say he has no time for me” I told my wife when I was about to tekan minyak in my manual car. Dn not ketawa at me. I drive a manual car you know. You tahu tak macam mana main the gear stick? That batang can move your car faster if gear atas or can add power if gear rendah to overtake. If you already forgot how to, then just remember huruf ‘H” lah. Move gear macam huruf “H” Top left Gear 1, Bottom left Gear 2, Naik atas Gear 3 and Tarik bawah Gear 4. Mahu go-stan you move batang to the right and Tarik bawah. That one boleh jalan belakang. Do remember you know. Pandai pandai balance the pedal at your kaki. On the left is clutch. Have to pijak to move the batang gear to masuk gear and lepas clutch to jalan gear. Tengah one is brake and right one is minyak. You must pandai pandai use both kaki to balance otherwise you henjut henjut terus enjin mati.

Ok, now what happen to my kawan? That fella told me want to jumpa bagi onde – onde. But when I am in the car, he say no time pulak. He said he must do something for his undi. I also do not want to know. All I know is that we will all undi on 19th November 2022. My old kawan and my neighbours will all balik undi. Some will drive up to Kota Bahru and some to Johor Bahru. Maybe ada baru. Many saudara saudari also will terbang balik to Sabah and Sarawak. The ticket is getting mahal they say. All priced from RM500 upwards. Some more, most of them will balik again for Christmas. So kesian must go back one month apart. Some also complained that no more cuti kerja and ask for cuti undi. Some company lokek and do not want to layan. Say, take no pay leave so can cut cost. Some tak cakap, terus say take no pay leave because company no policy for those who need to balik faraway undi. Strange right? Even universities allow longer cuti so can go undi. Especially for those who suddenly boleh undi because 18-years-old already or suddenly found out sudah automatically registered.

It is like a pesta when undi time comes. Got free makan at ceramah and some free gifts. Sometimes, you dapat oleh too. Also known as hand fruit in direct translation. Hands can bear fruit. All the taman and the jalan will become meriah. People will suddenly volunteer to repair this and that for free. Better than any annual pesta. You also have varieties to choose from. Macam tengok wayang. Macam-macam ada. Only one in 4 or 5 years you get this pesta undi. Stand-up comedy fun also free punya. Sometimes ada audio visual too.

I hope the kedai makan all take the opportunity to make money lah. But I hope they do not raise the price during the pesta. Janganlah jual mahal. Jual murah dapat banyak pelanggan for an after party pesta. The borak will continue after the ceramah pesta. Can get synopsis and everyone pun boleh jadi tukang tilik. It is as if ada power boleh analyse and predict. Quite fun also to borak borak.

This bulan sebelas is quite interesting too. Right after this pesta undi, you will have pesta bolasepak. This World Cup datang every 4 years once and the last was in 2018. Macam coincidence only the undi follow Piala Dunia. When in 2018, the Piala Dunia Rusia was in June 2018 the GE14 baru leaps in May 2018. Now, kenapa I say coincidence? This time the Piala Dunia Qatar is held in November. Dulu, tak pernah in end year for any Piala Dunia. Always mid-year. Now, our undi GE15 would on 19th November 2022 satu hari before the World Cup mula on 20th November 2022.Macam ikut trend ataupun satu kebetulan? Mungkin betul the tukang tilik cakap.

Tapi, I need to service my manual car dulu. Nanti tak boleh jalan kena tolak pulak on the road. Most of the time, kena pergi my old mekanik. He lebih tahu how to fix. Not like the budak. Actually, he is correct one. If fix old things, must use old pengetahuan. Kalau benda baru, kena pakai orang muda pandai main auto and technology. So, one day, I also must tukar kereta to the auto one. So many buttons. Tekan only jalan my nephew and nieces always say. I always ask, why everything also must tekan. So much pressure lah. What to do, manual sudah jadi relic. Boleh simpan dalam muzium I guess. Old knowledge masih boleh guna if technology fail. Tapi, the future is about auto car. Later on, no more pam minyak. Semua cucuk electric. Sudahlah banks now all paperless. My handphone pun kena invest to be canggih. But I takut also as I cannot see on paper. All in app they say.

Recently I checked my Touch n Go card pun mahu luput in 2023. Not sure if I can transfer balance to new card if I buy baru. I heard the new NFC punya card is the future. I want to get but do not know where to buy as everyone say stock problem. It is ok lah. I use old card until next year. Now also suitable time to save money. Boleh data interest tinggi. Later when good times come, can angkat keluar beli kereta auto. But bukan electric. I tak pasti macam mana mahu cucuk rumah. Takut bil naik. Beli minyak still ok.

Mari mari undi this pesta GE15 on 19th November 2022. From 5th November, kita boleh dengar all the ceramah and tonton wayang. After that, can go supper borak testing tilik. Mana tahu ada jodoh. Many types of jodoh can find one. Mula-mula tak suka, last kahwin jugak. Tengok lah nanti. Coincidence bah.