MBSJ Declares War on Illegal Businesses

Illegal Workshop and Metal Scrapyard Operations Raided in SS13

The Subang Jaya City Council cracked down on three unlicensed businesses operating illegally on State land in SS13. Operators of the illegal vehicle repair workshop, scrap metal yard and farm found themselves at the end of MBSJ’s stick when Mayor Mohd Fauzi Mohd Yatim ordered a massive crackdown on their businesses which had been running for years.

Residents who live in the nearby low-cost flats heaved a sigh of relief when the crackdown began at 4pm on May 29 2023. Many had lived in fear from intimidation from the operators and their bullying tactics. One resident said the workshop had expanded over the years and in recent times blocked the roads around the flats. “He would repair vehicles in the middle of the road and would not budge when our vehicles want to pass. He would hurl insults at us and threaten us,” the resident said.

The afternoon raid involved various departments from MBSJ, Bandar Sunway police and officers from the Petaling Land Office. Six vehicles and one lorry head were towed away while an assortment of workshop equipment were also seized.

MBSJ issued four notices on the operator who was present to stop their business activities immediately. In the coming days, the operator is expected to be served a notice from the Petaling Land Office for occupying government land illegally.

MBSJ is expected to continue their task to clear the cabin structure (which is used for dwelling by the operator), the workshop shed and also other vehicles which are parked at the site over the coming week.

ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng in an immediate response to the raid thanked MBSJ for their stern action on the illegal workshop which had been operating in the low-cost flats area for a long time and causing a nuisance to the residents.

“The place has become a dump for vehicles and rubbish; and residents have been threatened.”

“The government will not compromise with this selfish attitude of the operators,” she said, adding that no one was above the law.

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