MBSJ Targets Revenue of RM331mil for 2024

THE Subang Jaya City Council is targeting a revenue of RM331.035mil for 2024, according to Mayor Mohd Fauzi Mohd Yatim.

According to him, this represents a 5% increase amounting to RM15.9mil from the estimates for 2023.

“Assessment rates continue to be the main contributor to our coffers in 2024. This makes up 70% (RM235.5mil) of the total revenue for MBSJ.”

“Non-tax revenue makes up 26% (RM87.2mil) and this comes from licences and permits; services, sales, leases, interest, compounds and summonses,” he said at the recently concluded MBSJ Town Hall Budget briefing.

Mohd Fauzi said RM11.3mil (4%) from the 2024 budget will come from non-revenue sources.

He however said that Budget 2024 will see a hike in expenditure.

“We are expecting an increase of 7% (RM21.19mil) in our expenditure,” he added.

He said MBSJ in 2024 would adopt the Selangor State Government’s 4 major focus points – Go Physical; Go Digital; People-Centric and Economic Recovery.

For slides on MBSJ Budget 2024, click here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0241kjjEYwKFmFRnGpUjJimm8hRE1v7BbsQ6QHJXkuQfhCigFgqUTFoDWCtAZ1ysGJl&id=100063556884840&mibextid=Nif5oz