MBSJ to Replace Trees at Risk of Falling on Passersby

THE Subang Jaya City Council will replace the trees it had felled with more suitable species that pose less risk to passersby in the city.

In a statement issued recently, MBSJ said contractors were appointed to remove 9 Khaya Senegalensis trees along Persiaran Tujuan (on both sides of SS18 & SS19) because it was found to pose a danger to passersby and motorists along the busy stretch of road.

“After a thorough assessment of the trees, it was found that they posed a danger to people. Suitable replacement trees will be planted later on after taking into account the space available along the road shoulder.”

“Many factors like suitability of species, space available, soil quality and existing public infrastructure in the area will determine what we plant there,” the statement said.

MBSJ said up to May 2023 itself, it had received 788 complaints related to trees. Out of this, MBSJ’s PANTAS team had responded to 68 emergency calls to remove fallen branches and trees which had fallen down.

“Based on this figures, MBSJ is concerned about the risk posed especially by older trees in the city.”

“A visual check coupled with a physical check on the trees are carried out to assess the health of each tree. We also take into account the stability of tree in the space that it grows and the health of the root ball,” MBSJ said, adding that there have been cases of the Khaya Senegalensis trees falling in Subang Jaya and other parts of the country.