Overgrown Vegetation at SS12 Retention Pond to be Cleared Soon

WATER hyacinths and other vegetation which have taken over the retention pond along Jalan SS12/1 will be cleared soon with the assistance of the Selangor Drainage and Irrigation Department, according to ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng.

The sizeable pond which now appears like a green field from the air will soon be restored after DID appoint a contractor to carry out the task.

“Wangsa Baiduri residents had raised their concern over the increasing vegetation at the pond. Residents who lived near the pond are worried that the dense growth of water hyacinth in the pond would alter the ecosystem and functionality of the water body.”

“They have spotted snakes and water lizards in the vicinity and this has raised concern among them,” she said at a press conference to reveal plans for the cleanup.

Michelle said the maintenance of the pond was not a straight forward issue as her office had to determine the rightful owner of the water body.

In September last year, Michelle had visited the site with the Petaling Land Office and Tenaga Nasional Berhad officials. A month later a meeting was convened to determine the rightful owner of the land and water body which is directly underneath power lines.

In a follow-up meeting in December, it was agreed that TNB would prepare the plans and hand over the land to DID for gazettement of the pond under Section 62 of the National Land Code.

MPSJ councilor Ken Chia who was also at the recent press conference said TNB had been providing maintenance work such as grass-cutting for the area surrounding the pond over the years.

“DID informed us via a letter in January 17 confirming that it is now responsible for the land. The pond will now be included in Selangor DID’s inventory.”

“Before they can start work, they will need to carry out a survey to determine the underground profile of the pond. The appointed contractor will have to engage an engineer who will then obtain a permit from TNB before proceeding,” she added.

Michelle said suitable machinery would have to be used for the work as the pond was under TNB pylons.

She expressed her hope that TNB and DID will give priority to the project and complete it before the middle of this year.