RM100K Upgrade for SS19/6 Park

RESIDENTS in the SS19/6 neighbourhood now have a proper walkway at their park around SS19/6K thanks to a RM100,000 upgrade from the Selangor Penyayang project.

ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng said the project involved building a walkway which was 280m long and 2m wide for residents at a cost of RM99,058.44.

“This park previously had two manmade hillocks; construction debris left behind by the developer. We levelled it to make way for the walkway.”

“The walkway was completed in December last year. Since then, the grass has grown nicely at the padang,” she said.

Michelle said the idea for the walkway was mooted by residents back in 2022 when a gotong-royong was organised at the park.

“Residents raised the matter with us and asked for a walkway to be built. This would be better than residents walking on the streets as a form of exercise.”

“With an ageing population, walking on the streets for exercise could be dangerous,” she said, adding that she hoped residents would fully utilize the new facility.

She said some of the playground equipment would have to be fixed. A gazebo had been installed at a cost of RM20,000 back in 2020.

“Any additional lighting at the park to be installed would depend on residents. Better lit parks attract more activities especially at night. Do residents want that and can they tolerate the noise from the activities?” she asked.