RM2.74mil Sewerage System Upgrade for SS15 Commercial Area


THE National Water Services Commission (SPAN) has approved a RM2.74mil budget to repair and upgrade the sewerage system along Jalan SS15/4 & SS15/8. The repairs and upgrading work has already begun and is expected to be completed in six months.

SPAN chairman Charles Santiago said RM2.74mil from the Sewerage Capital Contribution (SCC) fund has been allocated for the repair and upgrade.

“Work started in early January and is expected to be completed in six months time. It will involve replacing and upgrading the sewerage pipelines which are now 150mm to 225mm for a 383m stretch and also replacing sewerage pipelines (225mm) along a 105m stretch.”

“The work scope also involves replacing and connecting lateral pipes (150mm) to the commercial property premises; replacing 12 sewerage manholes (1200mm) and resurfacing the area after work is completed,” he said during a press conference after a walkabout in the SS15 commercial area with ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng.

Charles said Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) had received 88 complains from business operators along Jalan SS15/4 and SS15/8 from 2018 to 2022.

“We are now taking the necessary measures to tackle the issue of sewerage in the area. But the responsibility of maintaining this infrastructure does not only lie on SPAN, IWK or MBSJ.”

“Business operators must also play their part in ensuring that their discharge is channelled properly. I have asked MBSJ to come down hard on business operators and building owners who continue to discharge their waste water irresponsibly,” he added.

According to him, “Property owners have to play their part. We have noticed many channel their rainwater pipes into the sewerage system. This cannot be allowed to continue. The sewerage system cannot take heavy flow of rain water and this will cause problems.”

He urged property owners to rectify this and channel rain water into the drains instead of into the sewerage system. He added that they will be given a reasonable time frame to voluntarily do so before action is taken by the authorities to make them comply.

Charles said the project will benefit around 40,000 people who live, work or operate their businesses in the area.

“We are serious in our efforts to clean up the commercial area of SS15. The commercial area is the oldest in DUN Subang Jaya and is important as it provides business and job opportunities for many.”

“As such, it is important to keep the place clean. This project will address the problems in the area – drain collapse and sewerage back flow into premises which causes health issues,” Michelle said.