“Saya Anak Subang Jaya” Music Video Makes Malaysia Day Special

“Saya Anak Subang Jaya” Music Video makes its debut today to celebrate Malaysia Day in style. Inspired and conceptualised just two weeks before its debut, the truly inspiring initiative roped in many hidden talents in the community who spent hours in that short span of time to make it happen.

Local Subang Jaya composer David Cha and his wife Irene cracked their heads to put together the lyrics and song. Within just a day, this multi-talented husband and wife team had a song in hand. And the search was on for local “talents” in the community to jump on the bandwagon. Practice makes perfect and in the two weeks, everyone diligently showed up to do their part. Once the audio was ready, Subang Jaya’s professional videographer Jeffrey Tan took over to turn the masterpiece into a music video. And the rest is what you will watch and sing along – “Saya Anak Subang Jaya”.

Somewhere in between all the chaos and rushing around, we caught up with some of our singers and performers. Here’s what they have to say about their experience:

V.K. Suresh Kumar

Malaysia day for me is realising how far we have come and direction we need to take to move forward as a nation for a better tomorrow despite our differences. I am proud to participate in this music video together with the residents of Subang Jaya making new friends and realising that there is so much hope for our younger generations.

Irene Woo

I am thrilled to be a part of this Malaysia Day music video production. It is a fantastic chance to show off the individual talents and honour the variety and togetherness in our community. I feel honoured and grateful to have been a part of this endeavour. Malaysia Day is extremely important to me & my family as it represents the peaceful coexistence of various cultures, traditions, and beliefs. It serves as a reminder of the principles we all share and the power that comes from accepting one another’s uniqueness. I am privileged to be a part of this important project.

Ramlah Ahmad (Rina)

I am honoured to be a part of this music video production. Malaysia Day represents the unity and diversity of our country, where people of various backgrounds, cultures and beliefs come together to celebrate our shared identity and honoring the historical milestones that shaped our nation into what it is today. Our music video, with its vibrant mix of cultures and artistic expression, beautifully mirrors the spirit of Malaysia Day. It’s a reminder that music and art can bridge gaps and foster togetherness. Happy Malaysia Day to all!

David Cha

It is an incredible opportunity to showcase our culture, diversity, and unity as Malaysians. Being involved in this project fills me with a sense of pride and patriotism. Malaysia Day holds great significance to me as it represents the birth of our nation and the coming together of different ethnicities. It is a day to celebrate our shared values, traditions, and aspirations for a better Malaysia. I am honored to contribute to this meaningful project with my music that promotes unity and love for our country and community. Lastly, to be able to make new friends and expand my network.

Joseph Benjamin Stewart

This year’s Malaysia Day will forever hold a special place in my heart. Collaborating with fellow Subangnites in creating a song for Subang Jaya has not only left me with a profound sense of belonging but also a renewed hope for a harmonious and united Malaysia. This experience has reinforced my belief in the power of music and art to bridge divides and foster a sense of belonging. It reminded me that, regardless of our individual backgrounds, we are all part of a larger Malaysian family. Together, we can create something beautiful and meaningful that celebrates our diversity and strengthens our bond as a nation. Saya Anak Subang Jaya!

Hardip Singh Rekhraj

Everything about this video reflects the core of being Malaysian. I joined the team as a stranger, welcomed as family and shall stay on knowing we have created an everlasting bond. This is what our nation is about – values of love, respect, tolerance and unity need not be taught; it is ingrained in us. This Malaysia Day, let’s us fire-up this very spirit that will unite us above race, religion, creed and colour. We are ONE. 

Carolyn Cheng Mei Chi

I’m glad to have this opportunity to be a part of Malaysia Day.. which we can be united..that we can celebrate Malaysia as 1 whole family… no matter in what races and what religions.. in this singing process having a good laughter make us bonds more and making.more new friends.. Happy Birthday Malaysia

Nash Hamid

I’m flabbergasted; I’m overwhelmed; I’m head-over-heels; Proud as a peacock. To be part of a meaningful merriment. To sing Saya Anak Subang Jaya for Malaysia Day. Subang Jaya Kita Punya. Yeah!

Cecelia Yudan

I am glad and honoured to be part of this project. It definitely made Malaysia Day extra special this year. May our great country continue to grow and prosper in all aspects and each of us will live in harmony despite our differences…Happy Malaysia Day!

Dhaartshini Senguttuvan

Music always unites! And in such divisive times, songs like these remind us of the love and understanding that exists at everyone’s core; what ultimately makes Malaysia, Malaysia!

Ryan Kok Yik Lerk

I’m thrilled to be able to join this music video production. My involvement fills me with pride as we unite to showcase our diverse culture and heritage. Our Malaysia Day holds deeper significance, reminding me of our shared identity and the beauty of our harmonious nation.

Kok Yik Syuan

I can’t believe that a 13-year-old teenager have a chance to join this project! I feel very happy to be part of this project and meet so many great people. I feel lucky that I was born in Malaysia, in Subang Jaya. Happy Malaysia Day, my beloved country!

Sharon Chai

Singing with these -Unbelievable individuals & Breaking out from my own comfort zone – And making it happen -Now complete with music video for such a – Great music arrangement -Just for all of us in SJ to you, Malaysia -All together in peace & harmony- You have given us a place we call, home – And for many more years to come

Christopher Elvin Joseph

The goal was simple, creating a memorable experience for those in Subang Jaya that would last for generations to come. However, the unexpected twist was the relationships that were built from the coming together from different backgrounds. Ages Young and Old, Professionals from various backgrounds, Ethnicities from all over Malaysia; A Melting Pot essentially. Despite the difference in demographic throughout the masses, only one thing could be felt at the end of the journey; Unity. A relationship that would last for years to come. The true Malaysian Spirit and what is basically Subang Jaya.Happy Malaysia Day.

Joshua Cha

It has been an exhilarating experience for me being involved in a song production. Having to witness the collabotation, dedication, and the artistry of everyone involved fills me with immense joy. Happy Malaysia Day!

Kyth Dury

Each of us come from different backgrounds but when we set aside our differences and get together as Malaysians, we can do wonderful things that showcase our unique and diverse culture. Therefore we Malaysians need to stay united and we will be able to achieve lasting change, peace through strength, and prosperity like never before. Happy Malaysia Day.

Tengku Noor Aizura Ku Chik@Ku Di

I am very proud to be part of this project,there are many things I can learn from this involvement, one of which is regardless of religion and our nation is a big family. It can also cultivate an attitude of tolerance between all of us. This combination of people of many races is what supports our strength as a successful nation state.

“Dari desa ke Subang Jaya, Tempatnya cantik lagi ceria, Rakyat gembira lagi berjaya, Ayuh kita bersama meraikan Hari Malaysia.”

Happy Malaysia Day!! 

Syed Shahril Anuar Bin Syed Sulaiman

Wooowwww…. That’s the first word come from me when I first received a call to join this music video project. It’s really an honour to be part of it and I am really proud to be in this team. For me, Malaysian is actually a very special nationality that combined with so many personalities and colourful lifestyles. With years go by peoples with different races, skin, cultures, beliefs and languages living together requires a very rational, an open-heart and a willingness of tolerance among each other. Besides that, we also willing to care for each other, work together and make the society better.

“DEMI MALAYSIA” Happy Malaysia Day! 

Iskandar Putra

When I was first approached about the project, I thought WAH very semangat ah these people – and truly, they were very semangat! Being a Malaysian is not just about being from Malaysia. Being Malaysian is about taking our differences and put them together to form a strong sense of unity.

Demi Pertiwi, Demi Malaysia. Happy Malaysia Day!

Loo Yan Jing

A project that depicts the heartbeat of Subang Jaya, and exemplifies the unity of Malaysia. To say that I am blessed being part of this project is an understatement. I hope you hear each big heart behind these voices, music notes, and lyrics. Malaysia means ours, and you and I play an important part. May this inspires you to play your part in building our nation that you wish to see. We only have one life to be a blessing. Selamat Hari Malaysia.

Irena Oung

What a pleasant surprise! I found myself participating in Subang Jaya’s talent initiative, and it was truly a remarkable experience. The lyrics, the song itself, and, most importantly, the incredibly talented and passionate individuals behind it all perfectly encapsulate the Malaysia I hold dear. Wishing everyone a joyful Malaysia Day celebration!

Joel Cha

I feel proud being part of this project. Having growing up here, this is definitely a fitting one for Subang Jaya. I hope all the residents can resonate and appreciate this song as we all do!