SUBANG JAYA, MARCH 27 2024: A secondary school student escaped serious injuries after he fell from a playground swing in USJ13 while playing with his friends right after school dismissal on Tuesday Mac 26.

There was nothing wrong with the playground swing just in case readers immediately jump to conclusions about its safety. It was just a freak accident when the teenager was enjoying a good swing on it and his over-excited friend pulled at the chain of the unit causing him to fall head first on the ground.

Right after hitting the floor, the teenager was “paralysed” where he fell. He could not move his limbs.

His mother who arrived at the scene called 999 for assistance. The Subang Jaya Community Ambulance team who had just completed attending to another case responded to the call for help.

The paramedics immediately assessed the situation, worried that he might have suffered spinal injury and carefully moved the teenager onto the spinal board before rushing him to Hospital Shah Alam, accompanied by the boy’s mother.

Earlier this afternoon, the teenager’s mother Ms Lim responded to our Whatsapp enquiring about her son’s condition.

“I’m at hospital now. His condition is getting better. Just get to know from doc. The brain CT no fracture. X ray seemsĀ  no problem. They miss out the Neck CT. Now he just went in for neck CT. Hopefully everything will be ok.”

“I truly appreciate and thankful your team helped. I was feeling hopeless at that moment. Your boys seriously helped us out as the Shah Alam emergency ward was packed. System down and all doctors and nurses quite stressful yesterday,” she said.

She said she visited the school teacher and discipline teacher to let them know of the incident and expressed hope that there will be no similar cases in the future.

“The teachers said they would advise their students,” she added.

She said her son had regained his mobility and was expected to be discharged from hospital later tonight.

Editor’s Note: Please exercise all necessary precautions when playing and using playground equipment at all times. Safety comes first while enjoying yourself. Do not put yourself in the line of danger.