By Sarawakian

Do you know what an amphibian is? Dari apa yang aku tahu, an amphibian is a small vertebrata that can live in aquatic and terrestrial environment. Ya betul. Boleh hidup di alam air dan darat. Also, an amphibian is cold blooded. Jadi kelas ampfibia termasuk makhluk seperti katak dan kodok. Frogs and toads look the same but one seems to have a scarier outlook.

Recently, we have a debate about this jump here and there thing after you win an election. They want to create an anti-hop law so that you cannot change your party after winning. You also cannot join a party if you won as an independent and you also cannot join a party or decide to become an independent.   If you buat, then you will tamat from being a YB. However, there are some exemptions macam if you kena sack or the party kena deregistered and have to move all MPs. This bill was passed in the Dewan Rakyat with an astonishing 209 of 222 voted for on 28th July 2022. Eleven of them were absent due to kerja saya harap. This is going to be a historic Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah date.

They say this would encourage people to come out to vote in GE15. That way we cannot marah marah anymore and will come out in full force lagi sekali. Actually, this is a good move. This hopping thing really screwed us up. It is best to halt this bodoh punya action and tantrums including getting some benefits to jump.

To be honest, I do not know why they use the poor amphibian as a focal point. Perhaps they all love frogs and can see them in the longkang where you can also find kangkong. Jadi the katak is now synonymous for jumping around. Hopefully just that and not humping around. Rabbits hop too you know.

The demam for pilihanraya is getting warmer now. You suddenly hear from those who were so quiet the past few years having a suara. The next General Election must be done next year in 2023. Now that the anti-hopping bill got approved at the Dewan Rakyat, the next step would be the Dewan Negara before it goes to the final steps to be gazetted.

A frog or katak will always be a katak lah. No matter what rules you do, you would still have them. I still think that the next General Election would see an evolution where it would not be a battle of Group A lawan Group B sahaja. You would see many groups dah. Ada tua punya group and ada muda punya group. Ada yang cakap cakap though ada kes but still want to be hero rakyat. Got another kononnya mahu jadi saviour rakyat. It is a numbers game they say. You think it is poker kah ? Or Cho Dai Di?

With all the 222 and nominated Menteri focussing on the Anti Katak Bill, one wonders what about the issue with medical manpower? Apa jadi with expedient medical infrastruktur? Menteri mudah lupa bah. The pressing matter is to have ready resources and facilities kalau jadi perkara pandemic lagi la. You cannot just cakap all ok folks, now masuk Malaysia pun o need the remeh temeh because we have enough facilities and under control. Bagus lah kalau begitu, but betul ka you are really ready?

With the Covid-19 still around but it seems that people are taking it lightly compared with before, is it necessary then to angkat booster no 3 ka or no 4? Some kiasu fellas have even taken more boosters on their own I wonder how their MySejahtera looks like. I just checked mine and the application seemed to have been updated.  Otherwise, semua sama sahaja. The last time I pakai scan was on 1 May 2022. Sudah lebih 2 bulan when you read this article.

I think Malaysia would progress much better without the katak melompat here and there in 2020. All this lompat lompat katak and kodok seem to never learn. What to do, they are cold blooded makhluk. They go where the heat is to get warm and hide when it is too hot. They need to cool down to that. Kalau sangat panas, mati katak lah dia. We as the rakyat have to see the badut and katak dan kodok do the same again. Mana ada dalam sejarah Malaysia kita ada 3 Perdana Menteri dalam satu penggal? PM no 7, 8 dan 9 dalam tempoh setakat ini. I do not dare to think ada lagi katak buat hal sebelum Akta Lompat is gazetted. Will we see PM 10 then before GE15? Janganlah! Cukup sudah.

In the next election, the rakyat kena undi those who we think can make a difference la. Do not just vote on race or religion or anything else. You just want someone competent to do the job. Otherwise, you tengok how our cost-of-living naik and the creation of jobs for Malaysians become kurang. Then we go to same old cerita bodoh of saya prihatin. Jangan risau.

Cukuplah of having macam macam tema. 1 Malaysia lah, Janji Ditepati lah, Sehati Sejiwa lah, Sayangi Malaysiaku lah, Malaysia Prihatin lah and now Keluarga Malaysia. Kalau nak buat tema, mesti sampai ke intipati and embrace. Ini macam cakap cakap sahaja.

The best katak is the one you would masak. Frog legs are quite delicious with some dried chili and stir fried. It tastes macam ayam. The katak that hop here hop there and make us susah hati, we better remember and never to undi. To be honest, these katak kodok are poisonous to you as it stunts your growth bah. Ingat lah their name and face and jangan undi mereka lagi unless you want to tengok drama lagi. Even cannot jadi katak, they can also get themselves sacked by their own party or buat sandiwara macam a spy movie.

So, remember ok. If you want to love frogs, then love the real amphibian. Not the homo sapien who wants to be an amphibian. They are cold blooded remember. They look for the correct temperature. Much like the homo sapien katak kodok.