By Sarawakian

The month of May is now upon us. We head into another by election in Kuala Kubu Baru and hopefully, clear minded voters prevail. Otherwise, we are likely to be swung to yet another round of unending nuisance from the opposition.

The weather has been blistering hot in the mornings and afternoons with even more baffling storms that come and go in a flash. Similarly, we do not know what else is in store for us in Subang Jaya, Selangor and in Malaysia.

What is clear today is that it seems the general population of Subang Jaya have gone jaded in what they want. Decades ago, the population was boisterous. Perhaps the race has run its end a few years back. Perhaps Subang Jayans have become complacent.

In those days, we would harp on many issues which affected the community. This included the football fields and the many pockets of public parks which were sorely neglected. In the early decade post the millennium year, we could feel the community becoming more agitated with many being vocal against what was neglected and not cared for. The badly maintained football fields got the ball rolling. Many had bald patches and unkept grass.

We trained our focus on those who were in office. We pestered for the need of better park facilities. We even wanted better pedestrian walkways and landscaping. This included the improvement of the pot-holed back lanes in major commercial areas throughout Subang Jaya. SS14, SS15 and Taipan USJ10 were the focal points. This included the lackadaisical attitude towards security and night lighting.

Who would remember the times of many crow shooting activities as well as rat catching ideas were conducted. We even had an owl program thinking it would help with the rat population. Subang Jaya was driven by the vigour of the general community to be better than what was experienced.

We sought answers of the use of our taxes aid as we saw the infrastructures and the basic needs for a better Subang Jaya still unrealised. We placed our hope with the young then. Indeed, we had it coming. The few years after change saw unprecedented speed in solving many issues. The community had no need for goading to help with every need for leaders who aim to do just that.

We were impressed. We thought we had made a momentous change. We thought that the next generation would continue to fight on and continually improve. Our mistake was to retire. We had to start the process. We hoped the young people continue as they would need to keep Subang Jaya strong and with a character befitting a Subang Jayan. Subang Jaya is a place like no other. We have had our share of nonsense but were mostly kept in check. Subang Jaya is a true community. Honestly, the birth of this very paper, SJEcho which you are reading my article on began in the last quarter of the post millennium decade. Our first community paper. No other community in Subang Jaya has one. And it is free. The physical paper then used to fight for placement with The Sun which was also a free edition.

How many of you could remember interesting events like the JOM Durian Fest which began its life as a fund-raising activity for the Children’s Wish Society in Subang Parade. This was in 2008 and was rotated to the Summit USJ before a pause for the Covid -19. The 13th edition would now be held in Sunway Pyramid. Interestingly, in the early years, many community events began in Subang Parade. Like this one, SJ Echo was also launched there in 2007. Who could also forget the Festival of Magic and English Choral Speaking competitions there too.

Much has changed today. The promises of better landscaping from the local council have yet to come to fruition. We have not been able to see and even enjoy good pedestrian walkways connecting the bus stops and the LRT stations. Strangely, the free Smart Selangor bus stops are mostly without cover. Just a pole.

The bicycle lanes have yet to be improved since it went on trial along some major roads. Since then, it seems nothing has progressed. It is rather strange that today, the progress of yesteryears has become a nonstarter.

Subang Jaya is now a city. Yet things still appear without change by observation and experience. The hygiene quality has gone back to the dreaded years. One wonders if this is the fault of the community instead. If the community has a do not care less attitude, then in a matter of years, we would be back at the same doldrums.

We at the ageing side, can only reminisce of the past and wanting the same fire ignited with the youths of today. Alas, none seems the nearer. We now hope for a handful who could again restart a new fire to push Subang Jaya forward. A handful who would again challenge the status quo like how it was done before.

The past determined the present whilst the present determines the future. The past may be old fashioned, but the past had soul. Something which we today feel lacking in the minds and hearts of the young in Subang Jaya.

Perhaps we may need a change in leadership and a need to evaluate of bloated egos. It is the month of May. We have to do some reflection.