This is Barani

When you meet Baranitharan Latchimanan for the first time, he appears low-profile, quiet and unassuming. But once the ice is broken, you will soon realise this resident of PJS7 in Bandar Sunway is a powerhouse ready to serve the community in his neighbourhood. His appointment by the Selangor State Government as the Ketua Komuniti India for DUN Subang Jaya is no surprise and is a very well deserved recognition for his untiring efforts in the community. We caught up with Barani, as he is fondly referred to, to find out what he feels about the responsibility that has just landed on his shoulders.

  1. What’s your feeling with this recognition?

I’m overwhelmed. I feel proud of myself and it makes me more determined to work harder to better serve the Subang Jaya community no matter what race or colour, I’m grateful and thanks to YB Michelle Ng Mei Sze our ADUN Subang Jaya for entrusting me with the opportunity to work, to improve and to achieve together as one. 

2. What does a Ketua Komuniti India do?

The role will assist to convey any information / assistance / latest news / to the community on all government policies and advise them to comply and provide the best service to the State government. It is also to help in the progress and development of self, family and community.

The role also entails helping to encourage community areas to pay whatever tax / revenue to the government as prescribed by law; and to assist and provide reasonable cooperation to government employees who carry out their duties in the community.

The role is wide ranging and it also includes to encourage the formation of a spirit of unity and cooperation with each other; as well as helping to prevent and distance the community from criminal acts.

As the KKI, I will also assist the state government through exco members of state government  (YB Exco) / Members of Parliament / ADUN / Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah / Penghulu / Ketua Kampung in implementing policies and regulations that are in force and carrying out instructions from time to time; and report any related duties to the penghulu and ADUN of the area such as attending related meetings, involvement in government programs and activities on a monthly basis and so on.

3. How will you use this platform to assist the Indian community?

I will be emphasising unity among the community, to build the next generation of leaders; to encourage entrepreneurship and to steer the community to be selfless, independent and think wisely for their self , family and  community.

4. What are the areas you wish to look at to improve on for the Indian community?

I will be looking at organising skills enhancement workshops, Business and Financial Courses, educational courses and sports activities for youths to help make them better persons. For those staying in low cost flats, I will focus on the importance of and encourage the forming of proper management bodies for them to get funds or any assistance from the local council, ADUN and State.

5. Are you going to focus on poverty? Or are there other aspects you wish to identify and help address?

Yes! i will focus on poverty by prioritising on Single Mothers, Persons with Disability, and Abandoned Senior Citizens. I will be the bridge between them and the Welfare Department, NGOs and ADUN or for State assistance. For the B40 groups I will encourage students to excel by giving them the recognitions they deserve; and also recognition for those who have shown selflessness in serving the community. This will motivate others to follow suit.

Lastly, my life motto is 

Live for yourself and you will live in vain;

Live for others, and you will live again.


Let’s Rock it together Subang Jaya!


This is Barani

This is also a photo of when we first met. I am glad that the Selangor Government has accepted my nomination of Barani as Ketua Komuniti India for DUN Subang Jaya.

We took this photo on my campaign trail, which coincided with Sri Subramaniam Temple’s Chitra Pournami festival. I didn’t know what I was doing, to be honest. But Barani popped out of the blue and said ‘Come, let me introduce you to the community’, and so he brought me from tent to tent to meet the people.

Barani and I have met each other in countless events. But we have so few photos together. That’s because he’s usually the one running it, standing behind the camera, and making sure everyone is okay.

We’ve had heated discussions before about many matters. Some were even late night calls. Barani is not afraid to tell me as it is, and provide feedback as to what needs improvement.

His reputation in PJS7 speaks for itself. He knows his residents by name. I remember calling him in advance of a house visit and telling him the unit number. He came with us. I knocked on the door and called the residents’ name. The door hadn’t open. Barani looked at us and said ‘there is no such person here’. And true enough, he was right. We got the wrong address.

Of Barani’s accomplishments that I have emphasised from the start of my tenure in any community is a conscious succession plan by engaging more young people. He has brought up not only one, but a TEAM of them.

He has done it all – solve neighbourhood problems, pasar problems, organised all cultural events, softball for the kids, the list goes on.

He did all these without expecting anything in return, and it is this exact quality that will be his compass in making Subang Jaya better. A man who is faithful in little, will be faithful in much. It’s time to expand beyond PJS7, Barani. I have much faith in you!- ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng