USJ 1’s Roasted Char Siew Delight

The Cantonese roasted cuisine has been enjoying international attention, thanks to Singapore’s Hawker Chan being accorded a Michelin star. On the local front of good old Subang Jaya, there is certainly no shortage of places selling a juicy char siew, a crispy siew yok or a fatty roast duck.

If I had to nominate a local roasted cuisine outlet for a Michelin star, Roasted Chef House in USJ 1 Regalia would be it. A no frills, open-air restaurant run by 2nd generation chef Sam Lum and his wife, Angelly Lim.

Roasted Chef House serves a roast menu of char siew, siew yoke, roasted duck, roasted chicken with a choice of wantan noodles or oily rice.

The must try on the menu of this restaurant is the char siew. Caramalized pork belly that is slow charred to perfection. The juicy char siew has a mild sweet taste, and is soft and sticky. The pork is sliced and served in large chunks that melt away as you chew. Chef Sam claims his slow char method enhances the caramel aroma and eliminates the oily taste.

The roast pork, or siew yoke, is equally as good, with the crunchy skin topping the perfectly roasted fat pork. Just like the char siew, the slices are generous in size adding to the satisfaction. Roasted Chef House makes a superb concoction of green chili sauce. The salted siew yoke and the sourish spicy green chili sauce make a perfect combination of meat and sauce. Note that siew yoke is only available from 10.30am onwards.

Their excellent pork dishes aside, the roasted duck is another delicacy not to be missed; crispy skin with moist flesh and a generous layer of fats in between. Also, try the asam vegetable soup, or sour chap choy. The sour hearty taste reminds me of the chap choy my grandmother made with leftover roast meats from our festivities.

At the end of the meal, you can sooth your excited tongue with cold, sweet and refreshing leong cha or herbal tea.

The restaurant can be cramped during peak hours and expect to sit on a narrow stool; do enjoy the airy ambience of the Roasted Chef House and the view of the neighbouring bustling side lane covered with street murals.

During peak hours, there is usually a queue at the entrance, as Angelly will try to organize seating. Once you are seated and have placed your order, the food will come very quickly. If you are not sure about portions or what to order, let Sam or Angelly decide. Prices here are reasonable with a typical lunch costing approximately RM15-20/pax.

The Roasted Chef House is located at 20, Jalan USJ 1/1B, USJ 1 Regalia. Open daily from 8.30am to 5pm and closed every 1st an 3rd Friday of the month.

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The author, Adrian Lim, is a lifelong Subang Jaya resident, calls himself a makanthon-er who enjoys trying out new food joints. Reviews are unsolicited.