The vacant piece of land that was earmarked for the clinic in USJ1

The much awaited Health Clinic in USJ1 has been approved under Budget 2023, according to incumbent Subang MP Wong Chen but this is now subject to the re-tabling of the budget after GE15.

On Oct 9, Wong Chen had announced on social media that the project had finally been approved. However, we asked the same question to Wong Chen after Parliament was dissolved recently and this is what he said, “The budget approval has to wait until after election. The fate of the clinic has to wait until after GE15 because it was budgeted in the budget but then the budget was not debated and Parliament was dissolved. So after elections we need to debate the budget and approve it.”

The ON and OFF wait for this much awaited facility for Subang Jaya residents has finally borne fruit with the untiring pursuit by Wong Chen and ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng; and the support by Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

“There is happy news for my constituents of Subang from Budget 2023. On Budget day, I received a Whatsapp message from Health Minister YB Khairy Jamaluddin, informing me that the budget for USJ1 Health Clinic has been approved for next year.”

“Bala, my assistant was assigned to find a snapshot of this allocation in the budget documents. Well, Bala found it late last night, not in the 1,000 plus pages of actual budget documents but in the MoH Budget 2023 powerpoint; hence the slightly delayed posting now,” he said.

According to Wong Chen, “Last year in 2021, we received news that the long awaited USJ1 Health Clinic project (more than 10 years) will begin but then this year the project was abruptly stopped.

To be fair and despite the cancellation, the Health Minister has been accommodating and we have been in conversation from time to time on how to revive the project.”

“A month ago, he told me that he has included the USJ1 clinic into his ministry budget. Now he has delivered on that promise.

On behalf of the people of Subang, I want to thank the minister for his efforts to re-instate the project,” he added.

Wong Chen said this clinic will serve his constituents in the low cost flats of USJ1 and also the very large pool of ageing population of Subang.

“I want to also thank my hard working ADUN, YB Michelle Ng Mei Sze for being an active campaigner on this project,” he said.

In an immediate reaction, Michelle said “The USJ1 Klinik Kesihatan which EPU previously cancelled due to MOH’s over budgeting is back ON! So grateful to YB Wong Chen and all residents who helped push to see this happen!”

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