By Anthony Dylan 

The current elections for Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Selangor and Negri Sembilan will determine how the next 5 years would be for those who live and work there.

Voting is your right and since we had a hard fought change in 2018; we have been able to return to the path desired. It is thanks to the many voters who came out in 2018 and again, in 2022 to make that purpose happen.

The only ones who have not done their state elections are the 6 mentioned. With the campaign period ending and the casting of votes slated for 12th August 2023, those who have been registered to vote in those states must be encouraged to come out and vote.

Voter registration is now automatic for those reaching the age of 18 years old through the Undi18 bill. This has begun since 15th December 2021 when it was Gazetted.

You can easily check your status and place of voting online. Go to or and just enter your Malaysian Identity Card Number. It’s so easy. There is also an app on GooglePlay and AppleStore.

It is cool to vote as voting takes you less than 3 minutes from providing your ID card and obtaining your slip to inking your index finger in that infamous purple coloured ink; and casting your vote. The process is no longer a chore as seen in the last PRU15 and this PRN would be even easier as there has been experience doing this.

To be honest, having your finger inked and taking pictures together with friends and family create an awesome Instagram feed. If you stay outstation and need to travel back to vote; just do it. Take a day off and visit your friends and family when you are there. There is no other time as good than this other than festive seasons to do a cool meet up.

When you do go out and vote, it is important to make an informed decision. Do not make it an emotional decision. Remember that each vote is important. Remember that you have the power to vote and no one can take your vote. You are important. The people’s power must return again in this decision making.

Do not let others make that decision for the next 5 years for you. This would happen if you do not vote. You must go out and vote. You must encourage everyone who are eligible to vote to go and vote.

We must rid the cancerous rhetoric of divisive politicians. We cannot allow even a chance for those who claim they are misunderstood yet when in power abuse you with racial and religious threats and rhetoric. We need to be united in stemming this out.

We must focus on having a state which is business friendly and assist the community to prosper and get better. We need to have continued leadership in eradicating the nauseous and threat filled politics of those who use race and religion as their daily salvos.

We do not need actors or superstars or those seeking fame. All we want is for continued unity in prosperity and socioeconomic improvements. Do not leave the next 5 years with a change which you would regret doing. “Janganlah kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga”

Do not punish yourself by acting against your good judgement. To those who are new voters and young voters; you are important. Do not make your elders be punished or your friends and relatives be punished by listening to idiocracies of others thinking that it is okay to lose a seat of two. It is not okay. It is a road to disaster.

We do not want the states and Malaysia led down to destruction by those who think of nothing but themselves. Remember what happened in 2020 and what happened in 2021. Remember who created unnecessary changes after we had fought for 2018. We are in 2023.

Remember to vote for unity. Remember to go out and vote and encourage everyone next to you to do so. We have the power to vote. It is our power to send out those who aim to take from you what you have to then throw you into the deep end.

Marilah Beramai-Ramai Mengundi!