By Sarawakian

August is now here. It seems that we never cease to be entertained by the antics of politicians in the middle of a storm. It shows how much politicians have your welfare taken care of in their agenda. Perhaps, the reality is that politicians would forever think of themselves.

Let us look at what transpired in the last few weeks. I watched the Special Parliamentary sitting expecting it to be different. I guess it was just a pipe dream. Like previous sittings, we found politicians from any side of the floor acting like frolicking monkeys. Even the circus would be more disciplined.

I seriously wonder if such sittings were really for the importance of running a country with the well being of the Rakyat put at the forefront. Name calling, forced interjections and shouting to get heard were a norm. Even the Speaker could not simply handle such a group of undisciplined people. Every now and then you would hear shouts of ‘Point of Order’, ‘Bagi mencelah’ and snide remarks being made. By the time things calm down and get to the order of the sitting, it would have already gone past the hour or more. What use was the need for you giving your opinions when you have clearly not listened to the briefing and made concrete and relevant requests for clarification?  Sometimes the questions posed are way off the mark as if that it was their duty to pose questions.

The only day when there was a sitting to be proud of was when the Vaccination Project was given. All sides of the floor and the Minister made it so that the whole sitting was of high quality. That being said, this was rare. Again, when that civility can be done, why not for other days? Disruption with points of order makes it seem that the MPs are more concerned about the order of the meeting than the real issues.

I lay blame on all the politicians who are in Parliament. Why can’t you just be more professional about it? Even a school debate is better run and organized. You have limited time for each speaker or debater and if you over-run, your marks would be cut. Here, you have politicians taking more than their allocated time because they choose to run their mouth before the actual serious questions and opinions. Of course you would not have time. Who cares if you want to be sarcastic or make a joke? Every now and then we see some idiot talking as if he or she was in a wet market or in a sarcasm competition.

What a waste of time. Is this Parliament going to save Malaysia? Go and watch the sitting and see if you really think anyone of them really cares to talk and discuss properly. Every single one of the 220 living MPs have a role to play to look at the progressive future and show a good example. No wonder the people do not really respect laws and guidelines when such are normally not applicable in equal doses to those in power.

I think the general populace is rather fed up with politicians and politics. Yet again, it does not mean people would not go out and vote. So many things have suddenly come up to the open public. The plight of contract doctors and medical officers has been made known. The role of private and public medical facilities has been compared. The debate on business versus health or better known as lives versus livelihood. The big corporations and those running them see nothing but their own pockets. Yet, with so little they gave they would want to show off to you of how concerned they were. Those who have lesser and gave whatever they could afford would remain the real heroes. They work the ground.

I have heard real life stories of how the elderly are forsaken, how those needing assistance continue to wait before being known. Funerals continue to be difficult. The able and the rich seem to get themselves first in line for assistance. Those with status and connections would also enjoy the privileges. Thankfully, some used their positions to help the real needy. They make it convenient by reaching out. This is very much unlike those corporations who do the opposite. You need help? Come to me and come to my place so we can see what we can do. After that, let us take a picture. Why? So we can show others what we do and what you can take as an example? Yes, I was being sarcastic with the last sentence.

What’s up folks? Well, the cases have gone up with them averaging 15,000 to 17,000 cases a day. The good news is that about 97% of the cases have minor symptoms. Less than 3% have some serious symptoms with less than 1.5% having the need for oxygen. Guess what. You would still need to go through the thermal scanner to make sure you do not exceed 37.5 deg C to be allowed to enter a premise. Looking at the data, how is this so when 97% would likely be asymptomatic perhaps? Nevertheless, perhaps it is to err on the safe side.

The Operation ‘Surge Capacity’ seems to be working in Klang Valley but interestingly though, Sabah is so far behind. Has the Federal Government forgotten Sabah? Political alliances do not speak the same direction as a reason for them to be voted in. Johor is the next lowest. Again, the same question is asked when the Prime Minister’s own state is 2nd last.

The race to the 80% for Malaysia cannot be taken as a whole but for each State, Region, District and town. Each one must achieve this otherwise mobility makes it difficult. It would not be over after this as SOPs would soon need revision and the spectre of new mutations requiring booster shots would again throw everything up in the air. Yes, we are not sounding morbid or negative. We are being realistic. The future reality is in the hands of the very politicians we put in office. We should all ask each of them … ‘What’s up Folks?’

God Bless