By Sarawakian

We have now entered the month of May. The weather has started to give us heavy rain and storms in the mid-afternoons. But still, as usual, when we really look at Subang Jaya, we find that our once proud township which turned into a city and increased revenue continue to lag further away from Kuala Lumpur especially in the last 5 to 8 years.


The problems remain the same. The same nagging issue about proper pedestrian walkways connecting the major taman areas, bus stops, LRT stations and commercial areas. What is proper? It should be designed with the user in mind and checked by the authorities legislating or governing the area. Slip resistant, safe, secure, CCTV covered, proper lighting levels, covered walkways in major connectivity and cleanliness. Simple things. Yet we find Subang Jaya once proud is no longer the pride but the source of al things worth complaining about.


The state assembly person and councillors should be taken to task as with the local government as they need to seriously refocus back to doing what is best for the people. No need to look far. Just go to Kuala Lumpur and you will see what I mean. Kuala Lumpur’s pedestrian connectivity is far better managed and landscaped.


Subang Jaya has a good chance of making the city a very beautiful place to live in. If only, the assembly person and the councillors and the city council focus on doing the basics which are no more than typical common sense.


There is a need to make sure that if we want a place to live in where it is safe to walk, cycle or jog around even towards the commercial areas, schools, universities or colleges, parks, or hospitals; then we must harp more and speak up more for Subang Jaya. Subang Jaya DO NOT BELONG TO POLITICIANS! Nor does she belong to the CITY COUNCIL. We must be aware that we the people of Subang Jaya should accept no less than the best for Subang Jaya.


The fields in Subang Jaya have at least been maintained somewhat and the bald patches where penalty area near football goal posts were not as bad as nearly a decade ago. But basketball courts have also started to see neglect with floor markers fading and the nets not fixed. The general lighting with some not in good condition remains. Futsal courts have been neglected in most of the taman areas. The fences at some were badly damaged and the courts seemed neglected in maintenance. There is no need to point out where if there have been proper schedules to check.

SS 15 and USJ 10 in Taipan. The cleanliness of the drains and back lanes have never been improved to satisfaction even from 2008. Making these lanes safer with CCTV and proper lightings are still not enough. Broken drain covers are not abnormal to discover. The same goes with USJ 9 and USJ21. The road of USJ21/10 and USJ21/11 loops in one way passing the back. The back side is as alarming as you could imagine. The advantage of SS15 now is that the new carpark complex provides a potential solution to the woes in finding carparking facilities. But the management of the facility must ensure it remains clean and safe for 24 hours.


The same could be said of USJ 10 Taipan. The car parking facility in USJ10 Taipan is well placed in the middle and well used. But the highest floor which is open air remains closed. The stairwells leading you to the road level from above do not give you a safe feeling especially at night. Furthermore, I am not sure if there is an elevator as I could not locate it if bringing heavy packages or you have physically challenged passengers with you. This must be solved in order to be OKU friendly.


Did you know in USJ 21, there are 2 parking complexes? One at each end with the one at the front a walking distance to Main Place and the LRT station. This one seems open to public, but it looks neglected. The one at the bottom facing One City across the highway seems to be closed and no one really knows what goes on behind inside.


Have you been able to see the bus stops around Subang Jaya? Would you be happy with what you see and use? Do you find them lacking in information and that the mobile application for the free bus does not seem to work as you don’t really know if they follow a schedule? These are things worth taking notice of by the assembly person and the councillors.


The refuse collection schedule and the management of collection ensuring the place is clean after collection should be made a priority. If things are clean, many would not be tempted to just litter or do something to destroy. But if one sees a nonchalant attitude or feels it; then whoever they are regardless of status; they would do the unspeakable.


It is never too late to start grumbling with your people’s representatives and the councillors whose role and job is to ensure the basic improvements are done. Enough of the nonsensical politics. Get to work. The city council should be taken to task to deliver services befitting of a city. Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya are all in the Klang Valley. The top two largest populated cities are Kuala Lumpur and Subang Jaya.Β  So why is Kuala Lumpur which is more complicated and has more challenges in the last 5-8 years sped past Subang Jaya which is the fasted elevated township of MPSJ in 1997 to city status of MBSJ in 2020?


This is a fact. Subang Jaya needs a wakeup call right now.