By Sarawakian


It has been a rather amusing past month with the politicians. It seems that when the country has reached the full vaccination status of over 90% and on easy target for 95% for the adult population (18 years and above); the politicians have somehow been triggered into going back to their old ways.


People say that the past was better than today especially when it came to respect and understanding. No one really felt threatened as much as today when anything can be misconstrued. It is as if the politicians and the NGOs suddenly became less clever. It is indeed very amusing.


It seems that politicians now want to be the moral police when they themselves at times are seen breaking their own moral values and showing examples less than exemplary of a leader. Yet, they punish the common folk who err lesser. I think we should really wake up from this nonsense before society and the community we live in is moulded in a way of no return if we each think it is okay lah. It is not okay lah.


There is a sense of dΓ©jΓ  vu when the Melaka campaigning for the state elections is held in the weeks of November. It is about the same similar timeline as last year with the Sabah elections. Other than having three different prime ministers since 2018 within the first term, we now have two changes in the Melaka and Sabah Government. Frogs triggered one whilst the other, triggered by the lack of confidence of the Chief Minister. Melaka would likely see a returning Chief Minister or a new and third Chief Minister since 2018.


The Sarawak elections is likely to be held after Chinese New Year 2022. Rumours are currently swirling that the elections would be held before 2021 ends. This would be done before those between 18-21 years old are allowed to vote. Mind you, the current legal age to vote is 21. The legal age to marry in civil law is 18 years old; the legal age to have a car driving license is 17 years old whilst for a motorcycle is 16 years old. I wonder why people fear those from the ages of 18 onwards in their voting habits. Perhaps because they, the current ones are unable to relate to them.


It has been an amusing month. When the cooperation of getting vaccinations done and the target overachieved; we find the old habits have come back like a tap turned on in full. The only difference is that the water is muddier than before. The country has achieved a commendable vaccination rate for those 12 -17 years of age. The current full vaccination has breached 60% in a short space of time.


Many have started to come out in droves and this new normal is a return to the old normal to many when it comes to being in packs of groupings. Eateries in shopping centres have seen a steady increase in dine in patrons. This is an indication as to why politicians have begun their resumption of providing amusement. However, this time it is not funny. We do not need to regress from a forward looking goal into one guided by those who want to be moral police. We do not want to start ending up into a restrictive society fearful of the government when it should be the other way around. We should not think it is okay lah.


The Malaysian budget which had been tabled does not seem to excite much. It does not seem to have anything that really looks at solidly improving the education lag, medical hardware and software lags and the improvement of the domestic economy. A lot of the infographics provided looked like a repackaging of sorts. There is a real danger for urban poverty.


Subang Jaya has until today despite being a new city slowed down in improvements to the connectivity between bus stops to the LRT stations. The landscaping has not seen the trees promised to be replanted back after being felled for the LRT project. Back lanes in major commercial areas of SS14, SS15, Taipan USJ 10, USJ 9 and USJ 21 need a serious check. Whilst some may have new resurfaced roads, the broken drain covers remain unchecked.


Let us keep an eye on MBSJ as the people of Subang Jaya deserves better. Community parks and bicycle lanes have somehow gone back into storage. No one pushes the idea that bicycle lanes should be improved along with the functional pedestrian friendly walkways built. Currently, these are not as walkways double up as road shoulders. It should be built with a hedge in between the road and the walkway.


We really need a public hospital in Subang Jaya. We already have good private hospitals. We need a public hospital. We also need to have an improvement in ambulance and elderly transport services coverage. Whilst ambulances are for emergencies, we need to start thinking of services which would benefit those needing transport to medical facilities for their routine check-ups and vaccinations. Subang Jaya is starting to have an aging population and this needs to be thought of.


Facilities must continue to improve as we exit the fear of the pandemic. The 3rd booster shot is currently underway for those 60 years and above. Those at the frontlines would also be receiving them. At this point it is Pfizer for those with Sinovac after their full vaccination post 3 months. It would be post 6 months for those who had the completed dosage of Pfizer before. It is time for us to push the local government to improve community facilities and mobility facilities. Let us make it clear that we will cease to be amused with the political antics of regression.


Let us pray that we pass through this quarter well. Let us continue to stay vigilant and hold the 3Cs and 3Ws to heart.


God Bless