An Underwear too Far

SUBANG JAYA: Underwears are not safe from “prying eyes or hands” even if they are hung up to dry on the second floor of your house. This we found out today.

A Facebook posting which has garnered 1,800 views of a video recording showing a man trying to unhook underwear from the balcony of a house caught our attention.

With a little bit of snooping around, we found out that the video of a male suspect loitering around the back lane of (we were informed) SS15 Subang Jaya on July 12 2019 between 2-3pm has gone viral.

In the video, the suspect was caught looking around the back lane of a house before climbing the cooking gas chamber at the back of the house to try and unhook a bra which was hung up to dry with other undergarments.

As he attempted his misdeed the “videographer” opened the kitchen window and shouted out; alarming the suspect who immediately got down from his high perch and walked away.

The video has since been passed on to the police and community in the hope that someone recognises the suspect.