“Good Samaritan” Runs Off with RM200K from Victim’s Car

SUBANG JAYA, November 19 2019: A 50-year-old man lost RM200,000 to a “good Samaritan” who stopped to help the former change his flat tire at around 1.20pm today.

It is understood the whole saga began with the victim withdrawing the cash from a bank in SS15 and drove off in his 4WD towards USJ via Persiaran Kewajipan with his colleague.

While passing by SS13, the driver noticed his back right tire had suffered a flat and he immediately stopped his vehicle near a petrol station.

Both the driver and his passenger were inspecting the damage when the suspect came forward to “help” them change the tire.

Both men who were preoccupied with changing the car tire did not notice the suspect opening their back left door before running off with a brown bag containing the RM200,000.

The suspect fled into a waiting car, a red Toyota Vios and sped off.

A police report has been lodged and investigations are ongoing.