Victim Assaulted in SS15/7 Mid-Day Home Invasion

A tenant in a rented house in SS15/7 was assaulted when two robbers entered the home at noon on March 13.

According to the police report which was provided by the victim who was kicked in the face and shoulder, the two suspects had entered the house through the front door.

“I heard the front door being opened and thought it was probably one of my housemates. But before I knew it, someone opened the door of my room.”

“The man who entered my room was wearing a mask. He had with him what appeared to be a metal pipe and he told me to keep quiet,” the victim said.

The first suspect who entered the room took away the victim’s mobile phone. Despite pleas from the victim to not harm her, the suspect kicked her in the face and shoulder, leaving her in pain.

The first suspect then ransacked the room for valuables before calling his accomplice to check the other rooms. Three rooms were ransacked in the break-in according to the police report.

The victim said the estimated loss from the robbery was RM20,000 which consisted of an iPad, an iPhone, laptops, jewellery and cash.

The victim said the first suspect appeared to be in his 50s with greying hair while the second suspect was in his 30s.