By Sarawakian


Eh….Boss! Tolong kira! My kawan next to me shouted macam biasa to ask for the bill. Me feel paiseh so I said I want to pay but he said, long time no see so he insisted to bayar. After all, he said the kopi and roti all cheap cheap one. As usual, he said, next time we eat restaurant I pay lo. So far, never happened yet because we love our kopitiam.

Earlier we borak borak on the current issues we dengar and tengok around us. Finally, Bossku has gone to jail. We found it menakjubkan that seseorang boleh jalan sini sana for so many years since 2018 has finally masuk penjara. My friend told me that Bossku was a song but satu orang suddenly become famous because people started to call him ‘Bossku’. Sekarang this bossku masuk jail.

We laughed as we call people boss macam biasa only. The waiter at the mamak shop can be called boss. Our friend can also be called boss. The baby also boleh jadi boss. Apa lagi the isteri! That is the ultimate boss! Malu Apa Bossku!, the lyrics scream. SO whom we call boss may not be the real boss. Ah! Pening!

The kopi was getting sejuk and we ordered some more kopi and roti kaya campur butter. Haraplah boleh jadi kaya. The end of the year akan sampai very soon. The cuaca also selalu hujan nowadays. Nak sidai baju pun susah kering. Nak tukar baju lebih senang. Betul, my friend said, sipping his kaw kaw kopi hitam tanpa gula. He must be really bitter to drink kopi looking as thick as minyak hitam. He then said our orang politik suka tukar baju. One day with this party and another day with another party. When kena tanya, they always pakai rakyat. Cakap kerana akar umbi that is why they are must tukar and continue to serve.

I told my friend that this can jadi with the voters too. We also like to tukar baju. Badan still the same. We like to berjudi with the votes. Lima tahun only bah. If we do not like them, we can always tukar tukar. No need loyalty one. See what happened to Melaka and Johor…same lah like in Sabah bah my friend said. Betul juga I answered. I also told him only Sarawak consistent. Same parti lama. Tukar baju from dacing to burung kenyalang. Jadi solo. Because Sarawak suka power power punya play. Now Kingmaker so want to play same role in coming pilihanraya. That can happen, kalau the result macam like now. Stalemate. We laughed as it sure is going to be so. But then again, not so bad leh. Still ada kerja. Economy pun bukan teruk sangat.

He reminded me sitting in the kopitiam that those who datang minum kopi has better feel for the country than those who minum kopi mahal mahal macam berjenama bintang ataupun berjenama biji kopi. You can talk to anybody tanpa was was. Satu Malaysia in a Kopitiam for sure. Maybe ada spy I told him. Then he laughed. He said that is why he believed the kopitiam tempat pertukaran pendapat and sentiment. True also.

We talked about migrating to Singapore and Australia. Singapore since 1965 macam best. Cepat dia naik berbanding with Malaysia especially with public transportation. Their sungai also so much cleaner than our Klang river. Ours look like teh susu but theirs look like pipe water. They also do not have issue pencemaran air and water disruption. They even treated their wastewater into clean water with their NEWater technology.

If you see the Klang river, there is this canggih Interceptor Vessel cleaning up rubbish floating about. To be honest, we should tengok cara Melaka. Sungai Melaka sekarang lebih bersih dari dahulu.The whole river is a beautiful tempat melancong in the heart of historical Melaka. Klang bila lagi? Even Sarawak dah lama buat with Kuching Waterfront.

Well, macam cakap Menteri we all agree will always be cakap sahaja. We all cannot do much. Our rakyat memang needs a strong leadership to push through projects like these. Imagine, Port Klang pun the 12th busiest pelabuhan dalam dunia but still; Klang looks like a neglected place. Pergi Sydney pun lain nampak. Singapore port area also maju with nice roads. Singapore is no 2 in the World you know. No 1 is Shanghai. In top 12 only Singapore and Port Klang. There are 7 China ports in the list including Hong Kong.

Kasihan Klang. If you go to Klang, the roads are terrible. All with depressions and the landscaping macam nobody cares about. By right, Klang should be the example of progress and attraction. The pride of Malaysia yang tak menjadi. Did you know that Port Klang was called Port Swettenham before nama baru in July 1972? Sayang lah. Port Klang is the largest port in Malaysia but the kawasan in surrounding is in a mess.

Australia now boleh apply migrate. Dari 35,000 satu tahun jadi 195,000 this financial year. Many will sure apply because of better prospects and better perceived living conditions. Kita dah tua, so we just tengok saja lah. This is for orang muda muda. They will have the choice. The cuaca there also not so bad. Langit pun lebih biru, sekolah pun modern. Orang kerajaan pun ada orang Asia. Process buat bisness pun telus.

Kalau bagus main bola boleh dapat kewarganegaraan Malaysia. Maybe we should ask the stateless to main bola too. Strange kan. Some rules macam ada lain macam.

As we finish up our casual borak borak, we started to talk about who else would go to jail. We tengok ada banyak lagi kes kes high profile. One wonders if this would change kita punya mentality. Macam macam boleh jadi. Mana tahu, some will lepas. But we agreed, these cases are all kayangan cases. Our own roti butter issues still belum selesai. Tunggu election time baru keluar. So, we left the table with macam macam idea dan pendapat.

Go to the kopitiam and find out. Better than drama. Now, I kena cari toilet. Minum kopi kaw terlalu banyak. Macam macm boleh jadi dalam toilet too.