A Tribute

By Michelle Ng

In our line of work, it is our job to listen to the rakyat and solve problems. In a constituency like Subang Jaya, the second biggest state constituency in the country, elected representatives cannot do it alone. We need a support system to get us by. These men and women are leaders in their communities who are recognised and respected.

Earlier this week, I lost a community leader, Noel. I am still reeling from this loss because a person like him is so hard to come by. Never in my 5 years of service has he asked anything from me for himself. He would always try to resolve issues on his own if he can, and if he asks me for anything, it was always for others.

I dedicate this column as a tribute to him.

Noel always had others in mind. Every morning, started his day empowering others with a motivational message. I will miss his morning chime very much.

Every year, under his leadership, the Kiwanis Club of USJ will organise a bowling outing for underprivileged kids. This would often be the highlight of the year for these children. The one held a few weeks ago had kids tearing as they received their prizes, so you can imagine how inspiring such a programme is and how it keeps these kids going.

I recall how when I was heavily pregnant in 2020 when the floods hit all the villages around DUN Subang Jaya – how villagers were trekking along the highway into Subang to seek shelter and how I was overwhelmed with the sudden influx of need. It was in these moments that Noel quickly reached out to ask how he could help. As he lives along Persiaran Setia, I asked that he looked into the needs of the Batu Tiga Hall relief centre. He made sure that the flood victims had food supply, and would provide me prompt updates as to help deployed, persons in charge and number of victims.

On the community front, Noel was our contact point for USJ3ABCD. He played a core role in gathering feedback on various issues, mobalisation and community development. It was a role he took seriously.

My one regret is that our schedules never crossed for our post-election celebratory lunch. He had so much confidence in me, when I did not have confidence in myself. He was always there to cheer me on.

Thank you, Noel, for all that you are to us. You are a well-loved community leader, and you have left a great legacy. We will miss you dearly.

Rest in peace. Till we meet again.