Angsana Rising

ANGSANA USJ1 has seen better days from when it was first built.  These few blocks of low-cost flats have suffered from years of neglect and also a fire. But things are about to change as residents take up the challenge to give it a new lease of life.

Last month saw efforts being primed towards helping bring Angsana USJ1 back on its feet again; all thanks to the efforts made by members of JKP Zone 4 and support from ADUN Subang Jaya Michelle Ng.

Blocks D & F have become icons of hope for the remaining blocks. Corridors which were once littered with bulky waste and cluttered with parked motorcycles have now been cleared; new paint has brightened up the walls and surroundings area of the ground floor and floors above; and the waiting areas for the elevators have been artistically repainted to make it look homely.

Michelle who spent half a day at Angsana last month to see the work-in-progress expressed her satisfaction with the enthusiasm and achievements thus far.

“Blocks D & F have become a good example for the other blocks. I see change. Now we see huge crowds of residents coming forward to engage in programs organised in Angsana.”

“Initially, we were worried that if funds were invested to upgrade the area, it would not be taken care of by those who stay here,” she said, adding that it was important for the each person-in-charge for the different blocks and floors to supervise the efforts to ensure success.

She said it was in the hands of residents to ensure that the infrastructure put in is maintained and the blocks are kept clean and beautiful.

JKP Zone 4 councillor Kamarul Hisham said programs were being carried out simultaneously in all the blocks.

“We conducted gotong-royong efforts to clean up the blocks and surrounding areas; and also started with the beautification initiatives. It’s now a residents effort to clean up, beautify and maintain the new Angsana,” he said.

Michelle reminded residents that it was important for them to have a Joint Management Body for their blocks and just as important was for residents to pay the maintenance fees.

“Owners of the units must pay for the maintenance fees in order for the JMB to function well. Tenants of the units must play their part in making sure that their landlord contributed,” she added.