Are We Ready for the New Normal?

That’s the question which is on everyone’s mind. After being cooped up at home for 45 days to help bring down the curve on the pandemic, many have had time to reflect on what could be the new norm.

Everyone’s edgy and ready to pounce on anything; even opinions which may differ from their own. Many of us have developed new cooking skills, picked up new hobbies and even discovered that working from home isn’t too bad.

But what can we expect when the Movement Control Order imposed on the nation since March 18 2020 is lifted?

Lifestyles have changed. People who used to globe trot around the world for holidays have found themselves trapped at home watching travel documentaries; those who love the outdoors have sought relief in their archived collection of photographs to reminisce their outings; and those who wanted to move away from cooking have made a U-turn, delighting their fans.

While the man on the street has found that they can do with less to lead a normal life, others have taken the opportunity to dress preposterously on national media (my new norm is to wear sunglasses to avoid getting eyesores when watching the mid-noon news updates from the government).

By Monday May 4th, we can expect more people back at work under the government’s efforts to revive the economy.

Many areas which were zoned red are beginning to make their way to green. Subang Jaya for example is now in the yellow zone and is expected to go green soon.

But does that mean we can all go back to doing what we used to do pre-MCO? That’s obviously not the case. We have to take the necessary measures to protect not only ourselves but also our family, friends, neighbours and community.

Perhaps a good thing about the MCO is the social distancing measure. Ordering food at coffeeshops has never been more pleasant when you see people lining up in an orderly manner (probably 80% of people do this with the odd balls still cutting queue) to make their order. This “habit” should be continued.

We want to hear from you on what you think the new normal is going to be for you. Tell us what new normals you have developed over the MCO.