It’s now 32 days since we’ve all stayed home in the joint efforts to fight Covid-19. The Movement Control Order which was first implemented on March 18 2020 has restricted our movement in a bid to bring down the curve of infection from the “invisible” virus.

We asked 16-year-old Dylan San what he’s been up to with no school to attend and worse of all having to stay put at home throughout the MCO. This SMK Subang Utama student is not missing his online classes and has even managed to make some extra pocket money freelancing for his brother. This is his story:

How are you coping with the MCO? What are you doing to keep your time occupied?

I try to stay calm and make myself busy so that I don’t get stressed up with the MCO. I’ve been having online classes with my teacher because no matter what happens, rain or shine, we have to study so that we don’t fall back in school lessons. I have also been working for my brother with office work; I can make some money from it too!

Are you happy to get more time to spend with the family? Tell us how you are doing this?

Yes I’m very happy indeed! Usually my parents are working day and night, so they don’t have time to spend with us. We kids also go to school and come home late which makes no time for family apart from having dinner. This MCO has really made me happy bonding with my family. Every night we play mahjong, and watch movies together.

Have you found new hobbies while staying at home?

My new hobby is watching drama. I love the sensation that dramas give. Well my dream is to be a chef so every day I will help my mom to cook dinner. It is fun to try new recipes and see what more i can do.

How are you keeping fit and alert at home? Have you gained weight?

I will work out every once in awhile for at least 30 minutes, because I represent the school basketball team and our coaches hope we will keep fit even though we can’t practice outside.

How are you keeping abreast with the news on Covid-19 and MCO?

Social media has been a big help with the news on Covid-19 and MCO. I feel that everyone should keep up with the news and take precautions with the advice given.

What’s your advise to everyone?

My advice for everyone is not to panic. Most people start panic buying and bought all the groceries and needs from the supermarket. I hope that they will understand that other people need to buy daily needs too because I myself can’t buy enough groceries. Another piece of advice is that social distancing is very important. Some people are still going out in groups and visiting each other. We have to understand that avoiding is better than cure. That is the advice from me. Thank you!