The Subang Jaya City Council carried out a massive raid on the illegal workshop and scrap metal yard in SS13 on May 29 2023.

Several vehicles and equipment were towed and removed from the site while notices were issued to the operator to cease operations and vacate the stretch of land which he had illegally occupied for years.

The notices issued ordered the operator to remove the structure he had built for his workshop as well as the cabin and other vehicles on site. The notice states “serta-merta”(immediately). According to MBSJ, if the operator fails to comply, the council will move in to remove the said items.

Now the question is how much time is reasonable for the operator to move out and vacate the land which he had occupied for years.

What will happen to the piece of land which now looks like a war zone? The whole stretch is in a terrible mess and the trees around it are overgrown beyond our imagination. In this video, we managed to capture a visual of the stretch before MBSJ moved in.

What would you like to see done along this stretch? Obviously, the authorities have to clear, clean and rehabilitate the stretch. This is rightly so as payback for the years of agony residents in the SS13 flat have had to go through with the illegal workshop operations.

One of the suggestions is to clear and clean up; and resurface the whole stretch and turn it into parking bays; something residents have been complaining they are short of.