Subang Jaya Secondary School Teenagers Help Feed the Hunger

The latest round of lockdowns has essentially decimated all school extracurricular activities.

Sri KL Leo Chong Wan Yue organised the White Aid Project

However, this has not deterred members of three secondary school Leo Clubs in Subang Jaya, from rising to the occasion and bringing relief to families caught in dire straits.

The Leo Clubs of SMK Seafield and Sri Kuala Lumpur jointly launched a project namedΒ  β€œThe White Aid”. Through this project, the Leos donated grocery vouchers to over a hundred hard hit families around Subang Jaya.

The Leos put their fund-raising plea on social media and accepted donations through e-wallets. Leo Chong Wan Yue, 16, the orgainising chairperson was pleasantly surprised when they managed to raise more than RM6,000 from family and friends.

Considering that it’s Merdeka month, the Leos packed the vouchers into envelopes, which they then decorated with colourful Merdeka and #kitajagakita theme. Notes of encouragement to cheer up the recipients were also added with the vouchers.

The vouchers were handed over to the the Lions Club of Subang Jaya for distribution.