Subang Jaya’s Mid-Autumn Fest in Full Swing

THE unpredictable weather during the evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival did not deter as many as 100 residents who showed up for a lantern walk at SS15/2 last night.

The light drizzle that almost dampened plans for a walkabout for children and adults alike however disappeared when everyone was ready to light their candles and show off their paper lanterns that lit the night.

Organised by SS15/2 & SS15/3 Rukun Tetangga in collaboration with MBSJ MPP Zone 1, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival was a thumping success as enthusiastic residents brightened up the darkened football field during their walkabout.

Children were obviously happy to be able to come out and enjoy the moment while the adults sportingly carried a lantern each to join in the fun.

MPP Zone 1 councillor Ken Chia who was present said he was happy to see the encouraging turnout despite the uncertain weather.

The super moon which was supposed to be visible in the sky that night however was hidden by the clouds.

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