Is It Coming To An End?

By Sarawakian

It was a cold and rainy morning as I sat down, to write the last piece for the year of 2020. Unlike many years before this, at least in my own lifetime since the 70s have we have had a really year filled with so many historical events.

We start off the year with the news that a certain new virus had started to startle China. It halted their Chinese New Year Celebrations as Malaysians continue to celebrate theirs. We watched and read about how fast the Chinese Government had attended to in terms of making the makeshift hospitals in the shortest duration as they unite as a nation. The year of the Rat this time was really something.

Next, we had the audacious Sheraton Move which shook the citizens of Malaysia as the political players had their game of chess. In a quick succession of events, the Government of Malaysia changed hands with a new Prime Minister, the eighth. As citizens begun to wonder and reason out why, Malaysia had to lockdown for the historical MCO on 18th March 2020 and only opened up on 4th May 2020. The focus thereafter was to pick ourselves up and to quickly change the way things are done to survive. Those who had liabilities had their incomes or revenues start to diminish.

We then had the sudden itch again by politicians which I may add was not pressured at all by the people but safe to say, the greed of political gamers. They started to want to control and overthrow state governments to ensure alignment, so they say. We all know that efforts should have been better off on stem the escalating downturn of events and improve on much needed infrastructure. But then again, the citizens of Malaysia who are the common folks get screwed with unnecessary administrative changes.

We all believed in a Government and an Alternate / Opposition to ensure checks and balance. Do we still believe it now? In August, politicians decided to play a game in Sabah to force a change. Again, there was no reason at all for it. As the campaigns grew in Sabah, many had forgotten the SOPs. Even the Ministers themselves whether they are at Federal or State level. This was hardly a show of good example and good leadership by them. Of course at the end, the results show nearly status quo but this time for one aligned to the new Federal Government.

Then came the surge of positive Covid-19 cases. What we all thought was the 2nd wave; we were reminded that this was the 3rd wave. It seemed that the first wave began before the MCO in January 2020. What many had blamed on the Sabah elections was not entirely wrong but it was also due to another cluster in the north of the Peninsula. This affected the start of the CMCO from 14th October 2020. This is now due to end on 6th December 2020 for the states affected.

On the 6th November 2020, the Budget Speech was made with the theme, β€œStand United We Shall Prevail”. However, prior to that, there was an attempt to call for a state of Emergency with blame on Covid-19 likely used. Luckily it fell through and the following weeks, debates went on about the Budget and the need to re-look at the allocations. Questions also arose as to the revenue stream to sustain the spending as well as the need to re-start Jasa (a mouth piece for the Government with a huge allocation). This was suddenly re-branded as J-Com (for Community Communications). The Opposition began their arguments for and against the Budget details.

The vote on the Budget Policy was set on 26th November 2020. Those who wanted changes made in exchange for support made it very clear. Amazingly, on that very day itself, despite not having the changes made beforehand or agreed upon in the spirit of unity as intended; something happened.

When it came for at least 15 MPs to seek a block vote; only 13 stood up. One party headed by the ex PM7 made it clear before that day that they would not support. One must understand that the debates and reasons shown and given leading to that moment would have given us, the Rakyat reason to believe that there would be a block vote. It would have been okay if everyone had a conscience and voted to what they felt was necessary. However, the very politicians we thought we believed in on both sides, failed to do so. It was revealed that at the last moment they had to sit down. They listened to their party WHIP. They even tried to reason that they have the committee level next to make good.

On that day, 26th November 2020, shall be remembered as the moment where politicians have failed us. Trust is thrown out the window. We have enough of your rhetoric of helping us, Rakyat. Why do we need to go into the streets from 1998 onwards until the eventful day in 2018. Why do we need to get gassed and beaten up for you? Why do we need to stand in the rain to listen to your speeches? Why do we need to put up banners and climb up trees? Why do we need to become your PACA? We never asked for money. We only ask that you do the right thing at the right time.

As far as many are concerned, we are tired of your nonsense. Perhaps we need to look elsewhere as we sift through our MPs and even ADUNs and Councillors to review our individual support for each. The people had been screwed far too much. Is it coming to an end? I believe so.

Merry Christmas and God Bless Malaysia.