Back Lanes of Taipan an Eyesore

IT looks like and smells like a rubbish dumpsite. The roads are sinking and drains are collapsing. That’s the sorry state of Taipan USJ10’s bustling commercial area when volunteers from JKP Zone 3 carried out a gotong-royong to clean up the overlooked section of Subang Jaya’s vibrant city.

Walking through the back lanes is akin to stepping into a twilight zone; a stark difference from the vibrant looking frontage of the rows of commercial buildings. Indiscriminately dumped bags of garbage from the shops; sink holes and collapsed drains which are clogged up greet anyone who dares to take the bold step to walk through any of the lanes.

Cubicles meant for rubbish have been turned into storage areas for recyclables; while illegal extensions line the back lanes. Oil and food waste traps from the sinks of restaurants are clogged and this inevitably overflows into the drains.

Volunteers found some fire escape stairways blocked by old carpets thrown from the top floors of some of the shoplots. The back portions of famous eateries, cafes and restaurants in Taipan USJ10 have become dumping grounds for their food waste and rubbish while some restaurants have turned their back portion into areas for preparing their food.

The gotong-royong was attended by residents and volunteers from USJ but there was no sign of any volunteers from the commercial owners and operators except for one from a fast food outlet.