A Car is No Place to Keep 17 Cats

HE loves his felines a lot and is doing everything to keep all 17 of them; even to the extent of housing them in a vehicle along the SS15/2 commercial area.

For Ng, 37 the option of keeping his pet cats in a car was the only way to keep them but this has drawn flak from residents who noticed the cats inside the car which has been parked at the spot for a long period of time.

“You cannot keep cats in the car like this. They should be housed properly and not be kept in a car which is exposed to the Sun and Rain,” a netizen said.

When members of the SS17 Fire & Rescue Department and Police arrived at the car this morning, 17 cats were in the car and Ng who had come down from the shop said he was trying to get as many cats adopted as possible.

There was water and food for the cats in the vehicle. They were spooked by the presence of strangers at their “home” but otherwise looked well taken care of.

Ng has been asked to go over to the SS17 police station for the police to find out what his plans are for the felines.