A Night in the Forest by the River

FOR many, spending a night out camping in the forest brings back nostalgic memories of our younger days when we used to run off with friends to have a good time outdoors.

Our rucksacks would be packed with cans of baked beans, sardines and instant noodles; our staple for our camp out.

But times have changed since then. We can now camp out with the luxuries of modern living. We can drive up to our campsite; our tents are already set up and we have an air mattress to retire to when we want to catch a nap.

A group of us took time off from our busy schedules to recapture our childhood memories at Hammocks by The River, a campsite where every day is a Sunday and all you have to worry about is to bring your own food supplies.

Located just a stone’s throw away in Hulu Langat, Hammocks by The River as its name suggests is located by the river, Sg Langat to be precise.

Lush with matured trees many of which were fruit trees (durians, mangosteens and even rambutans), our home for the night was strategically by the river. Modern toilets are available for those who can’t bear the thought of doing it in the outdoors.

Campers can do anything at the campsite except burning the house down. Our group settled in and quickly started a fire at the self-improvised BBQ pit. Starting the fire was a bit tougher than we thought since it’s been awhile since we had to start one. But thankfully for us, the host provides portable gas stoves for cooking and boiling water.

Dinner was successfully prepared and ready before sundown by the self-appointed chefs while the rest of us enjoyed some light birdwatching at the forest fringes and by the river. With a stroke of luck, we caught sight of an otter swimming upstream in the river and a Brown Hawk Owl dropped by to say hello as well.

The night was cooling what with the heavy downpour in the afternoon and this created a nice setting for an evening around the campfire (leftover from the BBQ pit) while we listened to the sounds of the forest. The hot cups of coffee and instant noodles in the cup lined our tummies before bedtime.

At dawn, the smell of someone cooking from another camp woke many of us up early. It was a signal for us to start the fire and have some breakfast before checking out.

Being at the fringe of town, the location has great phone reception with no worries of being cut off from civilization. This is the epitome of enjoying the outdoors in the new normal.

Interested to rough it out for a night or two with Mother Nature but still have some semblance of home? Check out Hammocks by The River on their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hammocksbytheriver

Note: In adhering to the Movement Control Order announcement by the government, Hammocks by the River will be closing its premises to campers throughout the duration of the MCO, effective on Thursday 6th of May 2021.