A Wheelie That Didn’t Go Unnoticed

Wheelie Stunts by SPM Students A Cause for Concern in USJ13 

SEVERAL students who had just sat for their SPM exam for the day caused a stir in the neighbourhood of USJ13 when one of them turned into a “stuntman” with his motorcycle wheelie in the middle of the road today (Feb 7 2024).

The gang of students with their uniforms still on circled around the USJ13 neighbourhood field revving their motorcycles; and just as they turned to the road leading to the school, one of them did a wheelie while the others behind him cheered him on.

The dangerous and irresponsible deed was caught by SJECHO’s roving team on video as the group continued revving their motorcycles before heading off from the area.

A resident who had seen this group constantly making a nuisance of themselves said the authorities need to come down hard on these unruly group who not only endangered their own lives but that of others around the school.

“The authorities need to identify these students and reprimand them,” the resident said.